Oatman Streamer Swap

A Oatman Streamer Page illustrating the SILVER DARTER streamer pattern(s)submitted by Doug Saball

By Bob Skehan

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Submitted By Doug Saball

HOOK 2x- 6x size 4-12
HEAD Black
TAIL Very small section of silver pheasant wing quill.
BODY white floss, slightly tapered
RIB medium narrow flat silver tinsel
THROAT a few fibers of peacock sword, curved downward to hook point.
WING 2 white edged badger hackles slightly past tail.
CHEEKS Jungle Cock, small and short

Doug's Tying Instructions:

I Starting

1. Place the lower part of the hook bend in the jaw of the vice. Tighten the vice jaws enough to hold the hook securely without slippage.

2 Place the thread over at the hook at the center of the shank with the bobbin in your fight hand and the loose end of the thread held firmly between your left thumb and index finger.

3 Make several thread wraps forward toward the eye of the hook, keeping tension on the thread with both hands. Note, always wrap away from you over the top of the hook.

4. Wind the thread back over the first wraps.

5. Trim off the tag end of the thread after it is secured by over wraps. Continue wrapping thread back about 1/16 inch from the start of the bend.

II The Tail

6. Hold the tail material between your thumb and forefinger and position it on the hook shank. Rise the bobbin above the hook so that the thread is taut against the near side of the material.

7. Pinch the thread between your thumb and forefinger to keep the tension on the thread and hold the tail material in place.

8. Form a slack, or soft, loop above the tail material. Bring the thread back down the other side of the material and hook shank sliding the thread between you thumb and forefinger without releasing the tension.

9. Slowly pull the bobbin straight down, keeping pressure on the thread and tail material with your thumb and forefinger.

10. Make several more soft loops to secure, and continue the wrapping.

III The Body & Ribbing

11. Cut a 3-inch length of silver tinsel, or thread the spool of tinsel through a spare bobbin.

12. Tie in the ribbing material on top of the hook shank making several thread wraps to secure. Trim the tag.

13. Continue to wrap the thread to about 1/8 behind the eye.

14. Cut a 12-inch length of multi-strand floss, or thread the spool of floss through a spear bobbin.

15. Hold the strands of floss between your right hand thumb and forefinger. Place the floss over the eye of the hook. Tie in the strands of floss about 1/8 behind the eye of the hook wit several turns of thread.

16. Grasp the floss ends and wrap around the hook shank back to the tail and ribbing material. To form a tapered body slightly overlap previous wraps as you wind the floss.

17. Once at the tail, overwrap the floss by wrapping forward to the thread at the eye. Note; two layers helps to keep the color of the floss true. Some floss materials are semi-transparent allowing the under thread to bleed through.

18. Secure the floss with several turns of the thread, and trim the excess floss.

19. Grasp the tinsel ribbing and wind forward over the body material with evenly spaced open-spiral wraps. It is important to keep an even tension on the ribbing material. This is where a rotary vice is advantageous.

IV. Wing Preparation

20. Select two white edged badger hackles of equal webbing and length from the left and right side of the hackle cape.

21. Strip the individual hackle fibers off each hackle until they are the proper length. Apply a light line of thick head cement along each badger hackle stem, from the base to the jungle cock nail length.

22. Strip the individual hackle fibers off each Jungle cock eye until they are the proper length.

23. Cement the jungle cock nails to each wing. When the cement has dried sufficiently, proceed to the next step.

Note; with C grade Jungle cock eyes most are split. To achieve a smother look apply a small amount of head cement and work flat between your thumb and forefinger.

V. Finishing

24. Attach the wing assemblies to the hook shank so that the wing is above the body.

25. Build a neat head, whip finish, and apply head cement.

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