Published Oct 8. 2013

Rubber band tool

A simple home made tool to hold hackle and other materials while tying - AKA a hackle guard

Step 12 - first bunch of deer hair - Clip a small bunch of deer hair and position it just in front of the tag
A commercial tool

UK fly tyer Alan Bithell saw our article on the Green Machine and noticed the small tool that the tyer Ken Bonde Larsen used to hold the hackle, a so called hackle guard.

Alan dropped me a mail:
As I tie this fly from time to time I have a "tool" that does the same job, however I bet it only costs a fraction of what that one does. I'll attach a couple of photos of it and how I use it. It occurred to me that it might make a short "Fly Tying Tip" article for you if you would like to put it up on your site.

The tool is made from very simple materials: a rubber band and a small piece of tube or a thin straw. A piece of fly-tying tube can do the job. Apart from that a small piece of monofilament will make the preparation of the tool easier.

Making the rubber band tool



Great Idea!

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Google the word hackle guard and there should be plenty.


so where can i locate/get one of the commercial tools?

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