Published Jun 25. 2013

Bead Head Soft Hackle Bunny Bugger

Here's our variation of the Bunny Bugger fly. One of the deadliest flies for fresh, salt & warm water fishes, hands down. It is a must in your fly box. Beads & lead-free wire gets it down the bottom quick.
Enjoy & thanks for your support!

Fly Materials:
Hook: Standard Streamer Hook, Size 6-12
Thread: Red or Color to match fly
Tail: Hair from Zonker Strips
Abdomen: Hair form Zonker Strips
Flash: (Optional) Krystal Flash or Flashabou
Rib: Gold or Copper Wire
Hackle: Hen Back Hackle, color to match fly
Bead: Gold or Copper

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Music by

Martin Joergensen
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