Published Feb 24. 2013

Bright Orange Zonker ~ Cone Head Streamer

A fly tying video showing how to tie a Cone Head Zonker Pattern. This big, weighted streamer is tied to catch big fish. Highly visible on the retrieve, flies like a Bright Orange Zonker can be made to imitate a number of bait fish, including goldfish. I have used this for trout, but I can imagine that a number of different gamefish species like pike and bass would mistake this for an innocent bite of food. Capt Matt Thomas lives in the Colorado Rockies near Aspen, CO throughout the Summer and Fall. Streamer fishing on the Colorado River and its tributaries is arguably the best fishing in the state. Streamer fishing from a boat on these rivers is very, very fun. If you are interested is a guided float trip with one of the valley's longest standing fly fishing guides, go to

Martin Joergensen
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