Published Jan 14. 2012

Cinnamon & Brown Emerger Caddis

Tying a Cinnamon & Brown Emerger Caddis with Davie McPhail. Materials Used; Hook, Fulling Mill Super Grub size 12 Thread, Orange Uni-Thread 8/0 Rib, Clear Nymph Wrap or Tinsel Body, Cinnamon SLF Dubbing Thorax Cover, Cock Pheasant Tail Fibre or Antron Floss Wing, Deer Body Hair Dark Brown Legs, Summer Duck Fibres Thorax, Dark Brown SLF Dubbing and Bug-Bond Horns, Cock Pheasant Tail Fibres

Martin Joergensen


I would like to print out step by step instrutions of cinnamon brown emerger by dave mcphail cant find
it on any web sites can you help thank for your help ed
all I find is videos

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