El Zorro Loco

A couple of weeks and we’ll be fishing the Yucatán flats again. We hope to encounter a lot of bonefish, tarpon and perhaps one or two permit. In preparation for this trip we’re tying a lot of tropic flies. This week I tie the “El Zorro Loco” or, the crazy fox. A crazy charlie with a fox wing. I’ve used mirage flash as an underbody, this way the body gets a bit of sparkle when you wrap the bodyglass over it. Just like a lot of shrimps have. It gives a real life like impression. Give this one a try!
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From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted January 5th 2014


Absolutely OK.


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Submitted January 4th 2014

Could it be alright that will put thing about this in my small personal weblog if I post a reference to globalflyfisher.com ? and Happy New Year!