Published Oct 11. 2013

Hartwick's Hoser

The black and blue version of the very popular Hartwick's Hoser. The large profile steelhead pattern is an excellent fly on the swing at all water levels.

some key materials include

Thread: Veevus 10/0 Black
Tube: Protube Nanotube
Junction: Protube Junction Tube, Red
Butt: Blue Hareline STS Trilobal Dubbing
Butt Hackle: Silver Doctor Blue Hareline Saddle Hackle
Rib: Fl. Blue Polar Chenille
Body: Medium Flat Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Bump: Blue Hareline STS Dubbing
Cone: Black Large Procone
Bump: Kingfisher Blue Hareline STS Dubbing
Underwing: Kingfisher Blue Craft Fur, Blue Ice Angel Hair
Wing: Kingfisher Blue Metz Magnum Hackle tips
Hackle: Black Marabou tied collar style, a couple turns of Black Schlappen

All available at

Martin Joergensen
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