Videos by California Trout

Southern California Steelhead: Against All Odds

Southern California Steelhead: Against All Odds is a documentary about one of the California's most magnificent and endangered species of Native Fish. Once numbering in the tens of thousands, these resilient fish are now on the brink of extinction. Dams, Development, Water Extraction, Pollution and Climate Change have all take their toll. However, these fish are not doomed to extinction and a small number of people can make a big difference in helping recover this iconic species. Please visit for more information on what CalTrout and it's partners are doing to help recover these beautiful fish.

Enough is enough

Enough is Enough is a story about the fabled McCloud River in Northern California. This movie follows the stories of three anglers and the river they love. Follow CalTrout Conservation Director Curtis Knight, CalTrout Ambassador Craig Ballenger and McCloud River fishing guide Ron Heart on a soulful and heart felt journey into on of America's premier rivers.

Filmed by Keith Braunies and Mike E. Wier. Editing by Keith Braunies
Produced by California Trout.

Fall River Fish Tagging

With CalTrout, FRC, UCD, DFW and Orvis. In the spring of 2013 CalTrout partnered with the Fall River Conservancy, UC Davis Center For Watershed sciences and the Department of Fish and Wildlife to conduct fish tagging on Fall River. This data will track fish movements throughout the system to help know how the fish utilize this vast spring creek system at different times of year, where the spawn and when. This important information can help manage this wild trout population into the future.

Pit River California - CalTrout

After CalTrout helped force the rewatering of the Pit River Powerhouse #3 stretch in the 1980s, one of California's best -- and toughest -- fisheries was born. Renowned for its difficult access and wading, the Pit River's PG&E-owned hydroelectric facilities recently came up for a FERC relicensing. CalTrout participated in the negotiations, and while higher flows were needed to protect trout from seasonal temperatures on Pit #4 and #5, the flows on Pit #3 ended up a little higher than we wanted.

Recently, a group of CalTrout employees and anglers visited Pit #3, #4 and #5 to survey the new flows, in part to inform the ongoing "adaptive management" process we insisted be part of agreement. In effect, it allows for flows to be revisited if the best available science tells us the relicensing goals aren't being met (including recreational use).

Shot by noted fly fishing filmmaker Mike E. Wier, this video is part documentary, part science, part fish porn, and all Pit River.