Published Nov 26. 2012

Peacock Despair

Peacock Despair
Hook: Eagle Claw 1197B #2-12
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
Tag/rib: Nylon yarn, scarlet (the original pattern calls for scarlet floss)
Body: Peacock herl
Wing: Hungarian partridge breast feather - pair for #2-8, single feather for #10-12
Legs: Pheasant tail barbs, two on each side - knotted
Hackle: Badger
Note: Jack Sutton pattern, first tied in 1930's. Premier pattern for the large brook trout in Quebec and Labrador, eastern Canada. There is a variety of ways the kinks in the legs can be positioned. Generally the legs are tied with the kink down, some tie it with the kink horizontal - i have taken some liberty with the pattern tying in the legs with the kink up ;-) Pattern: Jack Sutton, Fly: Hans Weilenmann

Martin Joergensen
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