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Rio Gallegos

Nice footage from South America,
Solid Adventures
Martin Joergensen
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From: Ernesto Guevara · amigodoernesto·at·  Link
Submitted June 6th 2011

Argentina is a very complicated country today, so any solution to the problems actually can cause other problems. In fly fishing there are other problems. The ego of fishermen and selfishness of some fellow countryman who does the situation in Patagonia is sometimes chaotic. What we have to do is enjoy while it is possible that region and his wonderful fishing in the best possible way.

From: Heiko Schneider  Link
Submitted June 5th 2011


Let the past be past and focus on the current problem we have down here : the closure of an important public accses to the river itself, and the certainty that a particular outfitter is taking advantage of an venally system ! but lets do it like done before and how a smart Argentine Guide recently did : just float the river ! You even get a official permission to do that ! And so you off to enjoy the entire spirit of OUR Rio Gallegos !


From: Ernesto Guevara · amigodoernesto·at·  Link
Submitted June 4th 2011

Heiko, I do not blame the Loop for this story of the closing of roads and rivers. Loop only does business in Argentina and all that is external is revered. The country has for years with a very low self-esteem, product of a very intense social crisis. In fly fishing this story to close rivers and land has been greatly discussed at the time that Mel Krieger also did their business in Patagonia. After the death of the guru someone had to take that position. There can draw your conclusions .....

From: Heiko Schneider  Link
Submitted June 4th 2011


I agree in all terms but to blame Loop & Co as the sole initiator of this problem isnt the entire story, as you wrote. Those gueys didnt fence the public acces to the river itself. Its a lot of politic involved, as you know. And the closure of the paso de cortesia which is a must by LAW, where done by the landowners and thats what keeps us away from one of the most interesting pools, since a couple of years. Its a shame I know and there's very little we can do. But Ernesto, there still is a lot of good fishing, you and I know, but we have to walk further, away from the plague...

Heiko Schneider, Concordia

From: Ernesto Guevara · amigodoernesto·at·  Link
Submitted June 3rd 2011

The video is beautiful, so I have no doubt but that the policy of public waters and lands in Argentina is a shame we all know, and it has many landlords who sell their souls to the foreigners as well. And many selfish Argentines are guilty of this too . Cristher only take advantage of this, but his not wrong, is Argentina and its bloody and corrupt politics that allows that. I'm angler, and I dont miserable, but I can not go to fish in Buitrera. And now?

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted June 3rd 2011


I know that the conditions are miserable for the local anglers in many places in South America, and I know that maybe we ought not to bring advertizing videos like this, but the video is actually quite nice, and hopefully comments like yours wlll let people know that there's a snake in Paradise.


From: Ernesto Guevara · amigodoernesto·at·  Link
Submitted June 3rd 2011

A beautiful advertisement Loop. Cristher owns Loop and now owns the Rio Gallegos and Las Buitreras. Rio Gallegos is only for foreigners. A realy shame, the only argentines that fishing this river are the servants who work in the Estancia Las Buitreras.

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