Published Jul 6. 2013

Superman Fly

In spirit of Superman being played in theaters right now, we present you with an awesome fly inspired by our superhero. It is definitely an attractor nymph, don't even know what it represents. But, we can assure it catches fish. First saw this on Fly Tyer Magazine and I became sceptical and tied it myself. Sure enough, I was proven wrong. Creator of this fly is Vince Wilcox and he's becoming more and more our favorite tyer. Try it for yourself & you'll be a believer again of Superman!!!!

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Hook: Mustad C49S, sizes 18 to 12.
Head: Gunmetal brass or tungsten bead (If you want Superman to sink faster than a speeding river, use a tungsten bead one size larger than normal.)
Thread: Black 8/0 (70 denier).
Abdomen: Blue Ultra Wire.
Wing case: Fuchsia holographic tinsel.
Thorax: UV Ice Dub, color to match the abdomen.
Legs/arms: Blue Micro Tubing.
Collar: Black UV Ice Dub.

Martin Joergensen
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