Published Mar 9. 2011 - 7 years ago
Updated or edited Mar 9. 2011

Surf Fishing 2010 - NYC Edition

This is the compilation of my 2010 fly fishing season in the surf zone around NYC. Locations covered the Hudson River and Long Island Sound in the spring and the south shore beaches of Long Island in the Fall.

Peter Laurelli


This is a great site...

This is a great site But all of the shows keep starting and stoping. No continus play.
What can I do to solve this problem. Thanks, Rusty.

i realy like all you...

i realy like all you videos

Martin Joergensen's picture

Peter, I have a f...


I have a friend who used to design rods, and he will tell anybody who listens that angling the handle away from perpendicular to the line is a surefire way to stress any rod beyond its capabilities, even 10 and 12 weight rods. Sometimes you may have to do that to steer the fish away from rocks, logs not to mention boat sterns and propellers -- and it's exactly in these situations that you hear the infamous "crack". Notice BTW that the rod often breaks in several places (I think yours did too, didn't it?).

Hope that it at least gave you an excuse to buy a new and even better rod! ;-)


Hi Martin - Glad you...

Hi Martin - Glad you liked it. Yes, the rod was bound to break, but in that particular environment it is the only way to fight the fish, I just had the wrong rod. If that fish finished the run it was on, it would have been around the jetty and gone. On that day, I brought a knife to a gun fight.

Martin Joergensen's picture

Peter, A really g...


A really great video! Well filmed, lots of ambiance and action. A nice appetizer. I can't way for season to start.
And man! That rod was bound to break... I could so see it coming. That's no way to fight a fish!



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