Two Tone Golden Stonefly

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This easy Stonefly Pattern is perfect for imitating the Golden Stonefly Nymph before it hatches every year in most of my favorite trout streams. The Two Tone Golden Stone is easy to tie with very few materials. I often tie this stonefly nymph with a #6 or #4 bent shank hook. Weight is optional, but it helps to keep the fly down deep in the strike zone.

This is one of my favorite flies to use on the Colorado River west of Glenwood Springs, CO. It is a constant producer of big rainbows and browns for my customers. I am confident that I can impress you with the fishing in the Colorado Rockies. Consider booking a fly fishing trip you will want more of, go to for information and a way to sign up. Thanks for watching! ~ MT

Matt Thomas
Martin Joergensen
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