Weighted SL baetis nymph

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Hook: TMC 100 BL #18 & #20 Head: 2mm black tungsten bead (use 1.7mm or 1.5mm on #20 hooks) Thread: Spiderweb Tails: Hackle barbs Abdomen: Goose biot, olive Thorax: Squirrel dubbing, darker than abdomen I use this fly in Slovenia. The fly is very easy to cast on my #4 rods, and I use a small 2mm strike indicator approx. 4 feet from the fly. I fish the fly upstream to fish I've spotted as I would a dry fly. Very easy to tie, and the fly sinks reasonable fast. Not a exactly bottom dancer, but the fly does a very good job at imitating small baetis nymphs taking the last free flow of their lives.
Thomas Schreiber
Martin Joergensen
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