Published Dec 6. 2011 - 5 years ago
Updated or edited Nov 17. 2015

Book couriers wanted

We're looking for US-to-Europe book couriers to help us get review books across the Atlantic

As you know we do a lot of book reviews on this site, and in most cases we either buy the books ourselves or the publishers are kind enough to mail the review copies to us for free.

Postage! - Postage is keeping us from reviewing books
Postage kills book reviews!
Martin Joergensen

But lately mailing costs have become an increasing problem. Many publishers simply won't send the books overseas, and since I'm in Denmark and do a majority of our reviews, I have problems getting the books here. We can get them shipped to any place in the US, and we have done that a few times, and then shipped the books on at our own expense.

But we slowly realize why the publishers are reluctant. A recent package of books would have cost between 160 and 250 USD to ship over, and even though we love books, it makes very little sense to pay more than the book's value in postage - and we also don't have the money for such frequent transfers since we don't have any income from the site.

So we're now appealing to the large GFF crowd. Is there anyone amongst you who travel regularly or occasionally between the US and Europe, maybe even Scandinavia or ideally Denmark, who would be willing to bring books over now and then and mail them on to me in Denmark?

Is there anyone amongst you who travel regularly or occasionally between the US and Europe?

We're not talking any kind of illegal contraband or tax-avoiding schemes, but simply trying to get as many reviews out to you as possible. Review material is usually tax free, and any taxes or fees that might be added upon entry would of course be paid by us.
We will also pay all other expenses such as local postage, packaging etc. and even let a book fall into your lap now and then as a token of our appreciation. And you are more than welcome to read in the books while they were in your possession.

We could do this by having the publishers ship to a company, hotel, post office, a friend of yours or whatever convenient, and have you pick up the books there to bring them over, and then post them to me from any convenient location here.
There would usually be no time pressure or deadlines, since we mostly don't strive after being first, but rather want to be thorough in our reviews.

If you are willing to help or know other fly fishermen (or non-fishing folks) who want to help, please contact me through mail ( and we can discuss how this can be arranged.

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