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·Vintage Streamers
·Braid a worm
·Mart's Peccary Paraloop Emerger
·OSA Nymph
·Sea Trout Munker
·The Munker
·Sydney Opera Mouse
·Foam Caterpillars
·Mouse flies
·Wet Flies
·Fishing in Grayling Paradise
·Fish Flies I and II
·Flyfishing for Coarse Fish
·Take the F...ing Fly
·Kayak Fishing
·Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques
·The Rising Salar
·Sea Trout Secrets 5+6
·Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly
·Vintage Streamers
·Streamers 365
·Mickey Finn
·Streamers 365
·Alan Petrucci Streamers
·Long Flies
·Mike Boyer Streamers
·Pinky Pain
·A few from Ora Smith
·Oatman's Silver Darter