Published Sep 13. 2003

Soucie's many books

A very productive author

I don't remember for how long I have been corresponding with Gary Soucie - but it's a long time. [Actually I do know. My archives say that Gary asked me to contribute to American Angler back in July 10th 1997... a lot of water has run through the rivers since then!] We "clicked" during the first few mails, and have kept mailing each other on and off over the years. Now as many may know, Gary is a very productive writer, who has many titles out already and has quite a few in the pipeline too. I am personally intrigued by "Woolly Wisdom", his book on Woolly Bugger style flies not to mention "Muddler Magic", which is bound to become one of my personal favorites. Both volumes have been on the way for a while and I'm really looking forward to their publishing. Gary recently mailed me a copy of his book entitled "Traveling With Fly Rod and Reel", and I have read most of it with great pleasure, but also wondered how much books have changed over the years. This 1995 book has a ton of facts, addresses and phone numbers in it, but no web addresses or e-mails and only fairly few unimpressive B/W photos. How things have changed since 1995! I'll bet you that the new books will have lots of nice color pictures and probably references to a bunch of web pages too. I can hardly wait!
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