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By Martin Joergensen

This table shows the different AFTM classes and their corresponding weights. The AFTM system sets the standard for the weight of the outer 30 feet or about 10 metres of the line. This will normally be the belly of a Weight Forward line and some running line, but the number also applies to Double Tapers.
When calculating the weight of a shooting head, you can use this number as a guide line and increase the weight for a given AFTM class. The right side of the table shows suggestions for this shooting head weight. On top of that I personally prefer even more weight, and for demanding conditions like long casts under windy conditions I go two classes above the AFTM class. Each rod has its own performance, so you will need to test and adjust individually under all circumstances. Read the article.

AFTM Weight of WF 30' belly
Recommended shooting head weight
  Grains Oz. Grams Oz. Grams
3-Weight 100 0.23 6.5 0.26 7.5
4-Weight 120 0.27 7.8 0.30 8.5
5-Weight 140 0.32 9.1 0.35 10
6-Weight 160 0.37 10.4 0.42 12
7-Weight 185 0.42 12.0 0.49 14
8-Weight 210 0.48 13.6 0.56 16
9-Weight 240 0.55 15.6 0.63 18
10-Weight 280 0.64 18.1 0.71 20

Please notice that the above recommendations are just guidelines. I personally often cut my shooting heads slightly heavier than what this table recommends. Martin.

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User comments
From: David Swain · wdswain·at·  Link
Submitted October 28th 2007


Loop do a table of length of head of their custom series vs. length/AFTM rating of rods which should be available on their website - unfortunately they don't specify weights. Can anyone help in that regard?


From: Martin Carranza · mcarranza·at·  Link
Submitted June 27th 2007

I am trying to figure out what shooting head lenght I need for my new 13' # 8 Scott ARC.
What do you recommend? Unfortunately I'm a novice two hander after 40 yrs. of fishing.

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