Published Jan 23. 2013

DoD Diaries part I

Subtitles are avaliabe in the player.
This is the first part (1/2) of the DoD Diaries featuring Hans Johansson, Johan Jonsson and Stefan Aagren dry fly fishing in the Scandinavian mountains for trout.
The aim with this video is to show some raw footage of what's going on during our fishing trips. Some scenes may be a bit long but that's the whole idea. It's purpose is to show that we both are struggling to catch fish and that we sometimes are lucky. That's why the title is "Diaries" in order to illustrate a fishing trip as true as possible from what happened and what force that makes us dry fly fishermen become weird.

Film: Hans Johansson, Johan Jonsson & Stefan Aagren
Edit: Stefan Aagren
Music: Wilhelm Magnusson (

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Instagram: frontsidefly

Martin Joergensen
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