Fly Tying Videos

This fly is dedicated to the grandmother of a loyal viewer, Colin. He requested this fly in honor...
Nick shows you how he ties a Marabou Muddler
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties a Peeking Caddis.
Lawson's No Hackle PMD Dry Fly Tying Instructions
Here is a slick method to accurately place adhesive eyes on your fly patterns using some jewel or...
Sloan's Mighty Mite Baetis Fly Tying Instructions
The Renegade is a classic attractor pattern. Many fish this pattern as a wet fly.
This is great pattern for the summer and autumn months when the fish are higher in the water...
Dryfly: Parachute Beatis with a twist Swing by my webshop for materials: http://www....
Sloan's Mighty May Baetis Fly Tying Instructions
A bead head caddis emerger runs near the bottom a good summertime pattern.
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a Bunny Leech