Tying a zonker Fry Pattern with Davie McPhail using Bug Bond
Zonker variation of a streamer utilizing the new Fish Skullz by Flymen Flyfishing. White, yellow,...
A uniquely jointed streamer utilizing wiggle tubing, and the new Fish Skullz to make a really cool...
A grub/caddis larva utilizing the new UV chewy Skin. Fun and easy
A two material caddis larva pattern that is virtually indestructible. Was one of my top 2 anchor...
Ed Engle tying at Anglers Covey for the Autumn Splendor. Ed ties one of Roger Hill's patterns...
How to tie a Chernobyl Ant
Tying video for my newest caddis larva pattern
Fly tying video for my Biot emerger BWO.
How to tie a chartreuse pike streamer
Neat zonker fry pattern tied using Bug Bond, one of the new epoxy replacements.
Tying a Thunder Dunkeld with Davie McPhail