Fly Tying Videos

Chris Sandford has recently had another book published by Medlar Press... its called "Mayflies...
Trout take caddis pupa with a vengeance give this one a try I'm sure you will not be sorry...
The first video in the Rich Strolis Series of Flies, my favorite....the Hog Snare.
Surf Pattern developed by Paul C to target Corbina in the surf zone.
Amy's Ant Fly Tying Hopper Instructions Directions and How To Tie Tutorial
This is a step by step of the new soft touch shrimp for grayling and trout fishing
This is one of my favorite streamer patterns. It's a super simple fly to tie and the fish love it!...
Madam X Fly Tying Instructions Direction and How To Tie Tutorial
Charlie Boy Hopper Fly Tying Instruction Directions and How To Tie Tutorial