Videos by Matt Thomas

Red Flash Emerger Nymph

How to tie a Red Flash Emerger Nymph,a small bead head mayfly emerger

White Flash Mayfly Emerger

A good emerging pattern. Should work on a BWO hatch as well.
Hook: Std Dry #12 - #18
Thread: Dark olive
Body: Olive hare blend
Wing: Deer Hair
Hackle: Grizzly

Olive Flash Emerger

This fly tying video shows how to tie an Olive Flash Emerger. A small bead head fly that can be made to imitate a mayfly, midge or other aquatic insect that has been washed under and is at the mercy of the river. I use this pattern throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, especially during the PMD, BWO and Baetis Hatches. This fly can be tied with a range of hook sizes, I often tie an Olive Flash Emerger with size #18 and #20 hooks.

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The sound in the background is a customer and I taking turns while we fish in one of my favorite spots. Fly fishing in the Colorado Rockies is as good as it gets. The rivers near Aspen, CO are full of cold water and hungry fish. If you would like to book a guided fly fishing trip, go to for contact and info.

Black Flash Emerger Nymph

This Mayfly Emerger Pattern is great for any trout stream that has mayfly and midge hatches.

Dead Head Baetis Emerger

How to tie a Dead Head Baetis Emerger. This fly tying video show how to tie a Baetis Nymph that has failed to hatch or is in process. I like using a bead to weight this fly on this fly to help get it down to the fish with every cast.

Two Tone Golden Stonefly

This easy Stonefly Pattern is perfect for imitating the Golden Stonefly Nymph before it hatches every year in most of my favorite trout streams. The Two Tone Golden Stone is easy to tie with very few materials. I often tie this stonefly nymph with a #6 or #4 bent shank hook. Weight is optional, but it helps to keep the fly down deep in the strike zone.

This is one of my favorite flies to use on the Colorado River west of Glenwood Springs, CO. It is a constant producer of big rainbows and browns for my customers. I am confident that I can impress you with the fishing in the Colorado Rockies. Consider booking a fly fishing trip you will want more of, go to for information and a way to sign up. Thanks for watching! ~ MT

Simple Stonefly Pattern

A Simple Stonefly Pattern so effective and easy to tie, it should be illegal. This fly is very realistic and because Stonefly Nymphs are in the river year round, trout bite them on sight. I like to tie it with a #8 or #6 hook with a bent shank. This nymph pattern is weighted with lead wire and I use variegated spandex rubber for the tail, legs and antenna.

Tying stoneflies is only half the story. My customers catch many big fish with stonefly nymphs like this one every day. If you would like to see just how well this realistic, simple stonefly pattern works for the trout in Colorado, go to for information and booking. Thanks for watching - MT

Gold Flash Redfish Clouser Minnow

A Gold Flash Clouser is irresistible to Redfish in the Louisiana Marsh. I use this fly often for redfish that are tailing and busting shrimp on the banks. This fly is tied with a 1/0 hook, but it can be tied with hooks that are larger or smaller to meet the needs of any redfish fishing situation.

Capt Matt guides in the Louisiana Mississippi Delta Marsh months October, November and December. If you have always wanted to catch big redfish with a single fly, sight fishing in the Delta Marsh is for you. go to for information and booking.

Suspending Carp Fly

The action of this Suspending Carp Fly keeps it in the strike zone for carp that are near the surface or feeding in shallow water. Sight fishing is all about watching the fish eat the fly, and this carp fly is just right. I always use strong steel when I tie carp flies and my hook sizes range from #14 to #10. I believe this pattern imitates a number of insects that carp feed on like a damsel or a stonefly nymph.

Capt Matt guides with his drift boat in the Colorado Rockies during the best carp months. If you are interested in sight fishing for big Common Carp on the banks of the Colorado River, go to for information and booking. Thanks for watching!

Chartreuse Redfish Clouser Minnow

This Chartreuse Clouser Minnow is one of my go-to patterns for big redfish in the Delta Marsh south of New Orleans. I like to tie this streamer pattern with relatively light bead chain eyes so that my fly doesn't sink out of sight too quickly. Big redfish charge this fly and eat it as soon as they see it. I believe this redfish pattern imitates a shrimp or a small baitfish.

Capt Matt guides fly fishermen to the big redfish south of New Orleans. Sight fishing is best in the clear shallow water of the Mississippi Delta Marsh October, November and December. This fly fishing is as good as it gets. If you would like to book a charter go to Lunch, tackle and fish slime provided.

Turniffe Crab Fly

The Turniffe Crab Fly is a permit catching standard in the waters of Belize, Honduras, Mexico and the Caribbean. I have even heard of a few Keys guides throwing this crab pattern around. I like the fact that this fly can be tied heavy or light, big or small and with any color a little crab can be.

There are a lot of permit, bonefish and tarpon swimming around in the Florida Keys. Every one of them will eat a crab that plops right in front of them. Flats fishing in the Keys is big time. Go to for info and booking.

Yellow Deer Hair Tarpon Fly

This Deer Hair Tarpon Fly is simple to tie, big bodied and slow sinking. I use this fly in the Keys Backcountry. I prefer using tarpon flies that are tied with natural materials and this pattern is just what the doctor ordered.

Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys is as good as it gets. If you would like to twitch a Deer Hair Tarpon Fly right in front of a monster fish. You need to go to and book a fishing trip this Spring.

Black and Tan Clouser Minnow

A Black and Tan Clouser like this is a go-to fly for the trout streams I fish. It seems that fish have to chase and eat this fly right when they see it. I have found that tying this streamer pattern with a long shank hook helps with short strikes. I have also found that fishing it with a fast sweeping motion gets the most bites.

Streamer fishing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is as good as it gets. I fished with streamers today and it was great. If pulling Little Clouser Minnows off the banks is right up your alley, go to for info and booking. Thanks for watching!

Flats Wing PMD - Mayfly Dun

This effective PMD mayfly pattern is tied with white turkey flats. It is a simple, durable and easy to see dry fly on the water. I use a thin strip of foam for the body to make sure it floats well. Tying dry fly wings with flats is an easy way to get great results without the bulk of calf body or the hassle of hen wings.

PMD's are one of the most important mayfly hatches in the Roaring Fork Valley down from Aspen, CO. My customers are able to catch fish throughout the season on imitations of this insect. i would love to show you just how good trout fishing can be from a boat. If you are interested in floating on Colorado's premier rivers, go to for info and booking.


PMD Mayflies are the favorite of many, including the trout. This CDC dry fly pattern is tied with a foam body to make it float even better. The CDC PMD is a fun fly to tie, fish with and it will get the bites.

The PMD Mayfly Hatch starts in June and continues through September on the rivers near Aspen, CO. Fly fishing with dry flies from the boat is as good as it gets on these waters. If you are planning a trip to Colorado or you have always wanted to catch Colorado trout, go to for information about guided fishing and a way to sign up.

Little Olive Clouser Minnow

This fly tying video shows how to tie a small Olive Clouser Minnow. I believe this fly works so well because it looks like so many of the little bait fish and minnows I see along the banks of my favorite rivers and lakes. I like to use a long shank hook when I tie this streamer pattern, it places the hook point at the tail of the fly.
Streamer fishing on the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers near Aspen, CO can be truly fantastic with many bites. There is nothing like watching them eat it! If you would like to fish in Colorado with a top guide, go to

Blonde Clouser Minnow

This Blonde Clouser Minnow is a real head turner when it is being hustled off the bank out to the boat. Trout can't seem to resist taking a quick bite at this sexy little streamer pattern. I am able to get more hook sets including a would be "short strike" from a trout by tying these flies with a long shank hook so that the hook point is right near the tail of the fly. Streamer fishing from a boat is perhaps the most exciting way to see all kinds of fish, big and small. Colorado has some of the best. Go to for info and booking.

Two Tone Spinner Fly

This nymph pattern imitates a sunken Mayfly Spinner. I like to use this pattern throughout the Summer and Fall during the PMD Hatch. Yellow and Red on this great bead head nymph make it irresistible to trout in the Colorado Rockies. I like to use a stout saddle hackle on this fly because I believe it helps keep it from hanging up on the bottom. If you would like to catch a bunch of fish on spinners and other mayfly patterns, contact Capt. Matt at

Foam Wing PMD

This is one PMD Dry Fly you have got to see! The white post on this foam body, foam wing mayfly pattern is very easy to see because it floats and it is bright white. I have learned to use foam wing flies like this over many years of fishing with customers from the boat. If you can't see your dry fly, how can you set the hook when a trout eats it?! The mayfly hatch, especially the Pale Morning Dun Hatch in the Colorado Rockies is spectacular. If you would like to cast easy to see dry flies at hungry trout, go to and book a float.

Pearl and Partridge Soft Hackle

A fly tying video showing how to tie a Pearl and Partridge. This Soft Hackle is simple to tie and very effective for trout. I use this light colored nymph pattern during the big mayfly hatches in the Summer months. This soft hackle can also be tied smaller to imitate most baetis mayflies. Capt Matt is a fly fishing guide in Aspen, CO as spends his time floating the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. The trout fishing is world class and the setting can't be beat. if you would like to take a guided float trip on Colorado's greatest rivers, go to for information and booking.

Black Deer Hair Sculpin

A fly tying video showing how to tie a Black Sculpin Pattern. This cone head streamer is a great imitation of a common food source for trout in the rivers out west. This fly can be tied bigger or smaller and fished just the same. I like to use sculpin flies that are dark with an orange belly in the Fall when the sculpin themselves are spawning. Big trout seek these dark minnows and eat them on sight. Capt Matt fly fishes with streamers from the boat for trout after trout. If you would like to be a part of an epic streamer fishing experience, you need to fish in Colorado. Go to for location, information and booking. Thanks for watching!

Black Stimulator - Adult Stonefly

A fly tying video showing how to tie a Black Stimulator. This attractor dry fly works well as an Adult Stonefly imitation. This Stimulator Pattern includes foam for the under body of the fly. Foam body dry flies are durable, easy to tie and they float better than most other dry flies. In Colorado, stoneflies begin to hatch during runoff in the Spring and continue hatching through the month of September. Fishing with Stimulator Patterns is a great way to catch a lot of fish. If you would like to take a float trip and cast big dry flies up to the bank, the fly fishing near Aspen, CO is as good as it gets. Go to for maps, info and booking.

Cased Caddis

A fly tying video showing how to tie a Cased Caddis Fly. Most rivers in the country have one or more caddis species for trout to eat. This particular larva pattern is tied to imitate a caddis that is tumbling down with the current trying to find another place to hold. Capt Matt is a fly fishing guide on Colorado's premier trout fishing rivers. If you would like to take an incredible float and catch a whole bunch of fish, look him up at

Bright Orange Zonker ~ Cone Head Streamer

A fly tying video showing how to tie a Cone Head Zonker Pattern. This big, weighted streamer is tied to catch big fish. Highly visible on the retrieve, flies like a Bright Orange Zonker can be made to imitate a number of bait fish, including goldfish. I have used this for trout, but I can imagine that a number of different gamefish species like pike and bass would mistake this for an innocent bite of food. Capt Matt Thomas lives in the Colorado Rockies near Aspen, CO throughout the Summer and Fall. Streamer fishing on the Colorado River and its tributaries is arguably the best fishing in the state. Streamer fishing from a boat on these rivers is very, very fun. If you are interested is a guided float trip with one of the valley's longest standing fly fishing guides, go to