Published Dec 26. 2013

Parachute Dry Fly Techniques

In this fly tying tutorial, I demonstrate a really neat way to tie parachute flies with monofilament. This method was popularized by Chauncy Lively and Roy Christie, and is a very effective way of securing hackle. The technique can be utilized in a variety of manners, including tying in the hackle on the bottom of the hook shank (as Chauncy frequently tied) or at the rear (such as Roy chooses in his Reversed Parachute).

Regardless of the location, this is a very fun and simple way of tying parachute flies. During this tutorial, I use 6# monofilament, which is the largest size I recommend. Please disregard the proportions used in the video, as I focused on the techniques required to complete this method. With a little bit of practice, you can employ this technique in no time; good luck!

Thanks for viewing this YouTube fly tying tutorial; please feel free to leave any questions/comments on this page, or email me:

Tim Cammisa
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