Published Feb 8. 2016 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 8. 2016

Synthetic Glass Minnow

Glass minnows are a light weight and easy to cast fly. They are also very easy to tie. Great flies for mimicking small fry, or see through fish like glass minnows. You will love fishing this fly, and also love tying them. Great for inshore saltwater species like redfish or sea trout, and also great for fresh water fish like bass and large trout.

Materials used:

Super Fiber or EP Fiber - Natural White

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 in size 1/0

Solarez "thin hard"

Eyes: Silver 5MM eyes

Body wrap:
Cactus Chinelle - white/clear



shawnstve's picture

Can you guys help me improve...

Can you guys help me improve this? It fouls on the hook sometimes, any way you can think of keeping this from happening? I was thinking of epoxying up the material a bit, but what I love about this fly is the movement in the water, I'm afraid that will be hindered.

Shawn McQuade

pjeversman's picture

Glass minnow anti-foul...

One thing that you might try that I have only read about (haven't actually done it myself yet) is to make about 6-7 thread wraps around the base of the wing, almost as you would for a parachute poste. Only you do not have to go up the post, only around the base. This ought to be enough to keep it from sagging onto the hook. You can always stiffen it up a bit with a drop of superglue at the base-just a little. Try it both ways and let us know what works best. If the base of the wing is too wide to wrap it all, try just wrapping the most posterior part. You may have to experiment a bit.

shawnstve's picture

Thanks PJ. I will try that. ...

Thanks PJ. I will try that. Probably the later (as like you said there is too much thickness at the base) Maybe super glue will be better than epoxy, in fact I think it will be. Thanks!

Shawn McQuade

Martin Joergensen's picture

LCR or a guard...


I think the you will either have to add some epoxy or LCR to the base of the wing and maybe a bit along the back, not totally disabling it from moving, but keeping it from totally wrapping around the hook. I have had this exact problem in some pike streamers that I tied, which ended up as a mess, wrapped around the hook.

Another option might be a monofilament guard - a simple horizontal, drop shaped loop in the rear of the hook, sticking out far and wide enough to keep the wing from fouling. Tie it in before the body and make it maybe a third of the wing length.


shawnstve's picture

Sorry, I'm not familiar with...

Sorry, I'm not familiar with LCR, what is that?

Shawn McQuade

shawnstve's picture

Ok I know what LCR is now... ...

Ok I know what LCR is now... Light curing resin... Basically uv epoxy. Ok yeah, sorry...

Shawn McQuade

Martin Joergensen's picture

More info here...


I added this link to the comment. Lots of info on LCR there:


shawnstve's picture

Martin, thank you. However I...

Martin, thank you. However I was only unfamiliar with the term LCR Not the actual materials. I use uv curing resin all the time. In fact most of the videos posted from me (including this one) are using some sort of resin. I use solarez mainly because of the price.

Shawn McQuade


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