Utah Killer Bug

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In this fly tying tutorial, I wanted to share a fly given to me by my buddy Tom, the Utah Killer Bug. This fly can represent a myriad of insects depending on how you tie it. From the crane fly larva to scud, this pattern tied in a nondescript color seems to simply look like a bug (especially when it's wet!). There are a couple variations shown at the end, plus you can always make this pattern into a soft hackle, which can then touch on the caddis spectrum. Tom, thanks for sharing this pattern!

Mentioned in the introduction of this video was a shout-out to the Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop; this is a shop that offers incredible seminars throughout the year. Please check out their site (and ask to be included on the email list) @: http://eldredgeflyshop.com/

Thanks for viewing this YouTube fly tying tutorial; feel free to leave questions/comments directly on this page, or email me: tcammisa@gmail.com

Tim Cammisa
Tim Cammisa
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From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted February 12th 2015


Try contacting the manufacturer or shop in their online shop.


From: C.J.Dorchak - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted February 10th 2015

This seems to be a very useful fly. Where can a tyer get the Jamiesons yarn? I've tried several craft stores and can't find it.