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Fly fishing travels - USA, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Patagonia
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A Danish fishing lodge

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A Newfoundland Adventure

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Lough Conn trout fishing

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A spring trip

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Rio Grande Revisitado

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Beaver Kill River

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Thai Mahseer


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·Derek from SA
·Dicentrarchus labrax
·End of the rainbow
·Europe's New Zealand
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·Fishing Denmark
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·Fly Fishing in the Himalayas
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·Hello Austria!
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·Itu's Bones Q&A
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·Kola on a Budget
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·Lake fishing in Sweden
·Lake Vintter
·Little Devil
·Lough Conn trout fishing
·Map of Denmark
·Map of Europe
·Merrimack River
·New York Salmon fishing
·O'io Boy'o!
·Old Hickory
·On coloured fish
·One summer night
·Pallot´s Memories
·Patagonia on a Budget
·Postcards from the Swiss Alps
·Proper conduct
·Red Gold
·Rio Grande
·Rio Grande Revisitado
·Rising Tide
·River Limay
·River Mandal
·Rule no. 1
·Rule no. 2
·Rule no. 3
·Rule no. 3½
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·Sea trout
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·South Patagonia 2
·South Swedish Sea Trout
·Species to catch in Denmark
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·Spring 2003 pictures
·Springtime In Detroit
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·Tapâm Q&A
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·The Bahamian Rhapsody I
·The Bahamian Rhapsody II
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·The brown trout rivers of Estonia
·The Cowboy Way
·The ghost and I
·The Italian Job
·The Mörrum Circus
·The road to Lake O.
·The Searunners
·The seasons
·The South African Fly Fishing Handbook
·The two Rangá's
·The Visitors - Day 1
·The Visitors - Day 2
·The weather
·Thin Blue Lines
·This is Denmark
·Tigerfish from my Verandah
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