Mini Streamers - How small can you tie a streamer and still call it a streamer? The folks on the streamers@ mailing list decided to challenge themselves to a swap of streamers no larger than a size 12. The results were move interesting. - Global FlyFisher

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Mini Streamers

Published Nov 7th 2005

How small can you tie a streamer and still call it a streamer? The folks on the streamers@ mailing list decided to challenge themselves to a swap of streamers no larger than a size 12. The results were move interesting.

By Clyde Watson


In January of 2003, the members of the New England Streamers list were discussing Gaelic Supreme streamer hooks. Specifically their Rangely Streamer hooks and soon the topic wandered over to their mini-streamer hooks. The discussion stressed that mini-streamers were practical in that they can imitate fry patterns. One member (Deryn) mentioned the possibility of a mini-streamer swap. There was enough interest in the swap by the other members and I volunteered to host it. The criteria was simple; the swap was open for any streamers or bucktails tied on size 12 hooks or smaller. After a few delays by the participants and myself, the swapped flies were exchanged and back in the participant's hands six months later.

- Clyde Watson

Photographs by Bob Petti

(click on thumbnails for full size image)

Woods Special
tied by Clyde Watson

Hook: Mustad 79580, #14
Tag: Flat Silver Tinsel
Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest
Body: Orange Floss
Rib: Oval Gold Tinsel
Wing: Woodduck Flank
Hackle: Grizzly
Head: Black

Montreal Whore
tied by Glenn Seibert

Hook: Mustad 3665A, #12
Body: Hunter's Orange Wool Yarn
Rib: Silver Mylar
Wing: Five strands of red, blue, and white bucktail, mixed, over which is a white marabou feather. Wing should extend no more than 1/4" past bend of hook.
Head: Black w/ painted eyes

Mickey Finn
tied by Don Corey

Hook: Mustad 33960
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib: Oval Silver Tinsel
Wing: Yellow, Red, Yellow Calftail, layered
Head: Black

A.A. Bucktail Beauty
tied by Alan Grombacher

Hook: Mustad 39841, #14
Body: Gold Mylar
Wing: 50/50 mix of Orange and Brown bucktail
Underwing: Orange bucktail (omitted on smaller sizes)
Beard: Orange Hackle
Head: Brown

Veiled Glimmer Fly
tied by Rob Nicewonger

Hook: Mustad 79580, #14
Tail, Body, and Underwing: Mix of White Antron and Pearl Flash

Wing: Light colored mallard flank
Head: White

Clouser Foxee Redd
tied by Joseph D. Cornwall

Hook: TMC300, #12
Belly: Light colored Red Fox Body Fur
Wing: 6 strands of copper Flashabou topped with a short, fuzzy wing of dark red fox tail fur. Include guard hairs and under fur. Tie bushy and short.
Eyes: Lead dumbell eyes

Blue Back
tied by Bill Stotz

Hook: Herter's Supreme 70294XL
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib: Oval Silver Tinsel
Wing: Sparse bucktail, white under yellow under blue
Topping: Peacock Herl
Head: Black

Milkweed Fly
tied by Clyde Watson

Hook: Mustad 79580, #14
Tail: Lemon Woodduck
Body: Orange Floss
Rib: Flat Silver Tinsel
Throat: Barred Woodduck
Wing: Two Slips of Milkweed (*)
Head: Black

(*) White chickabou used as substitute

Iris #1
tied by Deryn LaCombe

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mini Streamer
Body: Silver Mylar Tinsel
Rib: Silver Uni Micro Tinsel
Wing: Arctic Runner, Blue over Green over Yellow over Red
Cheek: Jungle Cock
Head: Black

User comments
From: David A Swart · davidaswart·at·  Link
Submitted March 4th 2009

I've fished small flies a lot on most of the water I fish is small streams and stillwater big flies just scare the fins off.Little clousers and Whistler little to no flash (size # 8-10) work great try them.Remember let the fur and feathers fly.

From: Billy Gouin · billyzcountrygirl·at·  Link
Submitted January 4th 2008

how effective would AA bucktail beauty the milkweed fly and the woods special be in northern new england early spring, the warmer months, morning or evening , in rivers or ponds?

From: Jerri Bullock · jerribull·at·  Link
Submitted April 27th 2006

Try some tiny featherwings on these small hooks. Use Whiting Hen hackles, they have a slim profile and good feather density. I tie them down to #14. An all white feather wing for a Black Ghost or Dr. Oatman works real well. Greys and grizzly hackles will expand your list of possible patterns. Easy to tie, very attractive and surprisingly useful.

From: Alex Lilje · alilje·at·  Link
Submitted March 2nd 2006

I have been tying and fishing "Micro Streamers" for years. I tye Wooley Buggers down to size 18 on 2x or 3x hooks when I can get them. They are very succesfull in winter trout fishing and early spring. I usually tye them with a few strands of silver crystal flash in the tail,
Alex Lilje

From: Dave McFall · dmcfall·at·  Link
Submitted February 11th 2006

Veiled Glimmer Fly tied by Rob Nicewonger. Is the body composed of twisted antron and pearl flash?



GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted January 13th 2006


We don't sell flies... or anything for that matter. You will have to tie them yourself.


From: Bill Shogren · bshogie·at·  Link
Submitted January 12th 2006

I am interested in ordering some of your mini streamers. Do you sell the trout flies you display on this website? How do I order?

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