Fly Tying Videos

hook: #14 TMC 100 body: deer hair, cutted slim hackle: light dun parachute hackle hackle post:...
Fly tying, Salmon/sea trout: Olive Ghost
Fly tying, Dry fly: Foam Caddis
Total FlyFisher editor Steve Cullen show how to tie the Damsel Nymph.
Caddis parachute is a great choice when fishing caddis dry, it put the hackle above the body giving...
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a Rojo Midge
Another version of the E. danica.
hook: #14 TMC 100BL body: Dark olive Fly-rite extra fine body wing: deer hair hackle: whiting...
The best F-Fly out there, simple, very effective!
Fly tying, pike fly: Popper shank
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties a Deer Hair Emerger
Fly tying, Nymph: The flashback nymph