Fly Tying Videos

Angelo Codecasa ties the Spumino Streamer
Angelo Codecasa ties the black lake streamer
Detailed instructions for tying a Disco Midge.
A variation of Dave's Bad Hair Day tied on a Allen fly fishing hook, using craft fur and laser...
Small, summer Sally pattern
The Zebra Midge is a simple pattern to tie and is a staple pattern here on the Missouri River all...
Surffilauta (surfboard) is imitating small damaged fish. Very effective fly for big brown trout...
Excellent seatrout fly made of syntetic yarn, bead chain eyes, grizzly cock neck and hare fur (...
Excellent fly tied of 2 color bucktail and bead chain eyes
Little translucent shrimp made of ostrich herl and necklace thread
Ant tied of moose hair
Streaking Caddis tied with monofilament thread.