Fly Tying Videos

Fly tying, Nymph: The flashback nymph
Like the dry fly the Super Renegade is more an attractor or searching fly, rather than imitating a...
Fly tying, Salmon/sea trout: The Orange Wake
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing Ties an Inch Worm
Nymph: Pro mayfly nymph
Fly tying, Dry fly: Foam ant
Materials Used; Hook Kamasan B170 size 14 Thread, Uni-8/0 White Rib, White Uni-8/0 Thread Body...
Learn to tie this Flies and Pies original.... The Pimp Slap!!!
Steve from Flies and Pies tying the "Killer Craft Fur Minnow" at Rainbow Fly Shop. This...
Red Ass on this wooly bugger gives it a triggering color. Along with krystal flash and a beadhead...
EP Game Changer Articulated Streamer Fly Tying Instructions
Fly tying Nymph: The Pro Gammarus