Fly Tying Videos

How to tie Paul Jacobsen's Guide Fly on a Eumer conetube
Rim Chung RS2 Fly Tying Directions
Chironocones Chironomid Fly Tying Directions
A very easy and effective fly tied on a Eumer Conetube. Great for Salmon and Steelhead.
Step by step flytying instruction for making a Dahlberg Diver
A quick and effective Sculpin pattern that works all year round The Sculpin is found on the danish...
Here is a Sea Trout fly. The new Fisheadz really makes the fly standout. Available in many colors...
A Shad pattern that can be fished in heavy cover.
Mellow Yellow Carp Fly Tying Directions
A very easy and effective egg sucking leech tied on a Eumer Balltube. Great for Salmon and...
Fly Tying for Beginners Wet Fly Wings with Jim Misiura. A demonstration of tying wet fly wings.
Grouse are fast and hard to take down. I believe worn boot soles, sweat and blood earn a little...