Fly Tying Videos

Variation of a classic salmon fly.
Another classic fly from the Catskill's region.
Tying Flies: The Process is a film that illustrates how I tie my flies.
The egg sucking leech is one of the most used Steelhead patterns. This time I will show you how to...
Tutorial for my Bubble Blower Sculpin pattern. I fish this a great deal in the spring for steelhead...
Pike Fly: Mohegan Pike Pop
Last Chance Cripple Hook: Tiemco 102Y #12-19 Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan Tail: Lemon woodduck barbs...
Here's one bonefish fly that seems to work no matter where you fish.
Steve Cullen ties the Viva Pennel fly.
Near Nuff Crayfish Bass Carp Fly Tying Instructions