Durable flies

A series of articles about various techniques and choices that will make your flies last longer


Fishing for the ghost of the flats - bonefish

Tying thread

Selecting a proper tying thread for your flies can be important if you want to get the best looking and most durable fly.

Sea Trout

The best articles about sea trout, the sea run brown trout, a very popular fish in the Baltic ocean around Denmark and Sweden

Shrimp fly patterns

A Global FlyFisher theme page about how to tie the best shrimp fly patterns. All our best articles on shrimp fly patterns.

Fishy photographers

Our series of articles about photographers specializing in fly fishing photography

Fishy artists

Artists whose art is related to fly-fishing

Wooly Bugger Patterns

Woolly Buggers, Baby Buggers, Wooly Worms

Tube flies

Flies tied on metal and plastic tubes fished with loose hooks for salmon, trout, saltwater fish. Tying techniques and patterns.

Pike Flies

Large and gaudy flies for pike and musky. All our best pike patterns and how to tie them.

Squid patterns

How to tie a squid fly pattern. Cephalopods - squids and cuttlefish in particular - are high on the menu to some saltwater species. Learn to tie them here.

Better Fishing Pictures

Become a better fly fishing photographer. Tips, examples and our best articles on shooting anglers.

Fly fishing knots

The most useful, easiest and strongest knots for fly fishing. How to tie them and when to use them.

Tarpon fly fishing

Fishing for large tarpon on the fly. The bright and feisty Megelops.