Published Jul 29. 2016 - 7 years ago
Updated or edited Jul 29. 2016

We will NOT buy your flies!

We DO NOT buy flies! We're an online magazine and don't buy or sell anything.

About a couple of times a month, sometimes even weekly or more often, I get offers to buy flies wholesale. 99% of these offers come from Nairobi, Kenya, which is the capital of the cheap-flies-world. An amazing number of operations have their business there, and are very eager to sell their products to me and the Global FlyFisher.


I have written about this phenomenon before and have tried to make it clear in every way that we are not interested, but still get a lot of mails with offers.
Well, let me try to be clear about this again: We do not buy flies at all - from anywhere or anyone. WE WILL NOT BUY YOUR FLIES!
We're not a shop. We don't sell anything. And because of that we don't buy anything. The flies I personally need, I tie myself, and if I were to start a business selling flies, I would most likely not base it on a spammy mail sent unsolicited from eastern Africa.

So please stop mailing me! Even though a lot of you folks representing Nairobi fly factories are very persistent and may even make a good case of your offer - heck, some of you probably even tie some decent flies - you will get no reply from me and your mails will just end up in the spam folder, so please take your business elsewhere.