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    Actually Catfish will rise for surface flies more often then you'd imagine. a Hex hatch will bring Channels, Blues and the various Bullheads to the surface to feed. also Calibaetis hatches will bring them to the surface on lakes and ponds. , in Rivers and creeks, Cats will rise to Drakes and larger caddis. I have caught Bullheads in a local creek on Black Gnats and Blue Dun dries i was fishing for Bluegill while not all the time, You can - occasionally- catch various catfish species on surface patterns.

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    Use caution if you do ever come across owl feathers in New England. Using them is very illegal and might be the last day you fish for a while.

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    Sounds & looks very familiar Martin
    The times we tied there in the early 1990's makes us seniors by now... :)

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    Met Bob every spring on our way to camp in Maine. He sure could talk fishing and would often tell stories of just teasing the trout by skimming the Brown Owl over the surface.

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    Otters are destroying all of Plumas county’s trout streams...

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    Hi Martin, I like the picture from Zwolle and the very cool one Rob Dings made! BTW biggest collection of Waldron Vises during recent Kolding fair. Rgds Ole

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    Very helpful thanks for sharing.

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    Your comment is much appreciated.

    I hope we get to fish together again sometime, even though I do need more help than I used to.


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    Well done my friend. You've provided the online community a steady place to celebrate the FF experience and beyond. What an amazing legacy.

    Cheers (I'm lifting a beer in your honor!)

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    You helped make part of it, and that's highly appreciated.


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    Happy Birthday, Global Fly Fishers. :)

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    The amount of work isn't that bad seen on a daily basis, and I find it both fun, entertaining and even exciting to create content for the site. I also learn a lot in the process of researching, writing, editing, shooting pictures and making drawings.
    But of course, if I were to count the hours I have spent on the site during 25 years, I might find it slightly overwhelming...