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    All the threads that have actual measures in millimetres have been measured by me. That gives me a pretty good confidence in the results, but of course with all the factors mentioned in this section regarding measuring the thickness of tying thread. It can - rightfully - be debated if these measures are the actual diameters of the threads, but the fact is that they are what I found using a consistent method and measuring all threads in several places - and from several spools if possible.

    The whole point of this table and the article is to point out that almost any label on any thread has no direct connection with the actual thickness of the threads. Deniers, aughts and other designations simply don't compare to the physical thickness - oftentimes not even within the same brand. So it was no surprise to me finding two UTC threads, one "heavier" than the other, and the heavier one measuring as thinner than the light one.


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    How confident are you with the diameters listed for the UTC 210 and 280 denier threads? By definition, the 280 is a "heavier" thread but the diameter is listed at 0.069 while the diameter of the 210 is larger at 0.081. That seems odd because they are both made with the same nylon construction.

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    Great article. Just started tying wet flies, after reading George Barron’s book. This article has added another dimension to my tying. Thanks

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    Hi - I fly fish for westslope cutthroat in the east kootenays; and these Betters' patterns are some of my go-tos. I've long wanted a copy of his out-of-print book on his patterns. Perhaps Stackpole or some other outdoors oriented publisher would do a run?? Thanks for the post.

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    So true... amazing how we can provide free content and spend hours, days, weeks and years of work on it, and still there will be someone bitching in the most unappreciative way.
    I mostly just brush the critics off - unless they are constructive - but sometimes I feel the need to reply.


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    Well done brother Martin...some people are never satisfied...perhaps they're looking for a subscription refund? Oh wait...GFF is free isn't it?

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    Hi Feridun, I don't know if you check this site anymore of if you are still around. I am coming to Turkey in one week to try to find some good fly fishing. There is not much information on the internet, so your post above is the only piece of hope I have. I'm from a small mountain town in the west of the US called Sun Valley, and I love fly fishing. Please let me know if you can help. My email is Thank you!

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    @Martin & Allan
    An excellent article! ... as a whole. The pictures contribute very well to the atmosphere (I felt the taste of the sea water in my mouth and the smell of the freshly applied headcement), and the elegance of these presented flies, just embellish the overall impression. From my point of view, it is the best article written by you guys. Thank you !!! ... you made my eyes happy and you made my soul as a fly fisherman to sing and dance.

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    This is Wasp Spider, not Tiger Spider (Scytodes globula)

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    I admit that fly fishing is an extremely interesting and addictive hobby and the passion of those who practice it shows us the wide range of people's creativity. But what is the essence of this occupation that fascinates all practitioners is to trick a fish into grabbing an artificial creation, in many cases a creation of their own hands. It is a long process that begins in front of the vise and ends with the catching of an artificial fly by a fish. The road to the tackes is and must remain the ultimate pleasure.

    That I can explain and understand many of people's obsessive fixations, which can sometimes lead to bigotry, does not exclude the fact that fanatics generally lack balance in their personal lives. But in many cases, it is a fanaticism disguised by the interest for economic gain and then the "passion" is the subject of a well-argued exposure in the public space. A marketing (which we already know very well how much truth it contains) to attract attention and capture the interest of those who have the opportunity to finance a fad. Now that it's a Swiss watch that costs as much as a house for ordinary people, a special car brand, an exclusive wine bottle, a smart phone dressed in svarowschi crystals or diamonds, a yacht ... or a trophy fish , it doesn't really matter.

    Dear confreres, keep fly fishing simple, enjoy the road to the tackings and the creation process. Not to mention that just being on the edge of a gin clear river in the middle of a wonderful nature is a blessing. As in many other human activities, size does not matter. A trophy fish is in many cases a matter of personal interpretation. For me, for example, it can be a 0.500g chub in a 3m wide stream, which I fallow for hours, sometimes days, so that in the end I manage to trick him into taking the fly presented with a # 1 -2 fly fishing rod, or a 1-2kg sea trout parked in a Scandinavian pool, almost impossible to approach with a fishing rod. The more complicated the situation, the greater the desire to overcome all obstacles. Greetings to all of you. Pierre

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    I truely admire your patience - what an answer! In german there is a word for such people - I'm afraid it's "Klugscheisser" (may he look for translation&meaning himself) Keep on rolling with your superb work! All the best, aª

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    You are so right! My bad. I put the wrong label on the fly. I fished the Snælda many times and should know the difference.