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    I'm sure no one claims that Davie invented the flies he ties - least of all himself. He may not credit every pattern to the originator in his videos, but he certainly doesn't say that all the patterns are his.


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    Jed, (sorry for my mistaking your name when first posting)

    I find the Renomed scissors superior to various razor scissors that I have tried. I haven't used the Tiemco razors, but only their coarser Deer hair scissors, which I indeed have had and used for decades, but also have degraded to rougher work. Their tips are no nearly as fine as those of the razor models or the pointed Renomed models.

    As mentioned in the article, most (read: all) razor scissors seem to come out of the same mold, just being branded differently by the sellers. You can find some inexpensive no-name razor scissors to try. In my experience they are exactly the same as the more expensive brand name models. The Renomeds are unique and unlike other scissors on the market, and my preferred tool in my day-to-day tying. But they are of course also quite expensive.

    I hope this helps


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    Martin, first thank you for your extensive research on scissors. Bravo!!! I have been leaning towards a pair of Tiemco tungsten Carbide razor scissors and the Deer Dresser Scissors also by Tiemco. That was until I read your comments about Renomed. In a video put on by Fish Food Fly, a shop in Utah, the owner compared the points of a variety of different scissors. The Tiemco scissors came to the finest points. Do you think the Renomed match the fineness of the Tiemco points?? You’ve had your Tiemco for more than 25 years. Why do you think the Renomed scissors are better than the Tiemcos?? Any help making my decision is very appreciated. Thank you Martin. Jed Feffer

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    Contrary to popular belief, Davie McPhail didn't invent every fly in the universe, and he didn't invent this one either. The Antistatic buzzer was originated by Alex Ferguson of Leicester around 2008.

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    just take a coffee bean and superglue it on a hook

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    Great video but I always like to know who makes the tools being used. I believe I saw loon but the bobkin?

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    Looks more like a Sunray Shadow with the White in the wing. Original Collie was just Black !

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    glad you are better ,, our health is all we have ,, best of the holidays to you ,,,, cbm

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    Good to hear you're back in the saddle at GFF, Martin. Best wishes to you and yours and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Funny that this book comes out to us again. Yes, Keith compiled a huge dictionary of patterns. And yes, it is not consistent in type or print. I have a copy also signed by the author. He signed it for me at his shop in Ennis, Mt. on July 7, 1989. The thing is that although this book is terrible it was the work that Keith did on, or should I say to, bamboo rods that was worse. He single handily ruined several cane rods in that he would strip the finish and then die the blank in black ink. The rods were then displayed at his shop. I remember an entire line of black rods that he had destroyed. I cannot remember the makers of the rods but whoever they were are probably still rolling in their respective graves.

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    I think the Dyneema 55 is Roman Moser Power Silk Dyneema Thread GSP 8/0 which is sometimes referred to as Dyneema 55. I'll check with Barry and post his reply here.


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    HI Martin - Glad to hear you are on the mend. Thank you for all you do for the fly fishing world. We all appreciate this as the best and most informative website for our fly fishing community. God Bless,
    Jack Harford