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    Got to love these old streamer patterns, many from Maine! Like Cain's and all are nicely tied.

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    I have found most of what I have used in bargain bins or sold as mill end (discards) from flyshops. One place that still has stuff like this online, is First Tackle in the UK
    An intermediate WF line can be had for £6.-, which will form the base for a very fine shooting head at a really low price.

    Surprisingly few of the well known manufacturers actually make intermediate DT-lines. Some have neutral or "hover" lines, which just barely sink, but most are WF-lines.

    It's probably roaming the web and flyshop's bins that will unearth useful lines.


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    Any suggestions in where to find intermediate DT lines?

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    Brilliant! I love it!

    I've been working on a flat top table and constantly have beads and "stuff" roll or slip off the edge (I tend to be messy). Your board with wells to keep hooks, beads or whatever contained is the perfect solution. I like the minimalist approach... readily available, inexpensive, simple, effective. Very nice!

    I will go shopping for a cutting board and "steal" your idea. Thank you for sharing.

    Kent Smith

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    Do you have the recipe for those braided rubber flies? What materials are the made of? Thanks!

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    Many years ago Jiri Klima (the river god) invited me to fish with him in the Czech Republic and he showed me March browns with brass beads and how they fish it down stream in a combination of wet fly and Czech nymph style.

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    I choose to comment on this post to at least guide the readers here considering that I am from the region and the industry under scrutiny. Fishing flies are produced in Kenya and exported to the west but not without its challenges posed by both buyers and sellers. They include quality issues, duration of delivery as well as payment issues. Before buying large quantities, first request a sample of an assortment of flies for quality assessment, duration of delivery will in most cases be affected by the availability of the materials locally as well as the complexity or simplicity of the patterns requested. Payment issues also arise as buyers sometimes remit payment to just tiers who have no registered company, no website and no production capacity. In such a case money is lost. Some buyers don't pay for delivered orders and again money is lost.

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    While this comment is for the more seasoned tiers, a good tying area is very helpful. Once you find yourself immersed in the art, you will be up to your ears in material. Having a place to store your material close at hand with a good surface is priceless. I've seen a lot of good options but personally, I love my TieCraft Desk. Integrated bobbin storage, built in waste baskets and storage close by is great. Plus, my wife isn't yelling at me about my messy desk :D

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    That's absolutely right, and it also says in the article in one of the captions: "A finished Trailing Shuck Comparadun or commonly called a Sparkle Dun.", so you are quite right.


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    Wouldn't this variation using the Antron tail be a Sparkle Dun rather than a Comparadun?

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    Mr. Bob Witzel's paintings are very beautiful, he is seen to be a great fisherman and a good fan of watercolors. This is also something that happens to me, fishing and drawing ... thanks for sharing a hug to everyone.

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    Thanks Martin for the calm, reasoned reply to this complaint. I just want to enjoy the wide array of content on GFF with my morning coffee, not put up with CRAP complaints. There is frost on the pumpkin here in Ontario, Canada this morning so my thoughts are turning to Steelhead fishing and tying flies. Keep up the good work for your truly Global audience.