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    While this comment is for the more seasoned tiers, a good tying area is very helpful. Once you find yourself immersed in the art, you will be up to your ears in material. Having a place to store your material close at hand with a good surface is priceless. I've seen a lot of good options but personally, I love my TieCraft Desk. Integrated bobbin storage, built in waste baskets and storage close by is great. Plus, my wife isn't yelling at me about my messy desk :D

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    That's absolutely right, and it also says in the article in one of the captions: "A finished Trailing Shuck Comparadun or commonly called a Sparkle Dun.", so you are quite right.


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    Wouldn't this variation using the Antron tail be a Sparkle Dun rather than a Comparadun?

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    Mr. Bob Witzel's paintings are very beautiful, he is seen to be a great fisherman and a good fan of watercolors. This is also something that happens to me, fishing and drawing ... thanks for sharing a hug to everyone.

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    Thanks Martin for the calm, reasoned reply to this complaint. I just want to enjoy the wide array of content on GFF with my morning coffee, not put up with CRAP complaints. There is frost on the pumpkin here in Ontario, Canada this morning so my thoughts are turning to Steelhead fishing and tying flies. Keep up the good work for your truly Global audience.

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    Does anyone proofread this crap? After reading the first 2 sentences, I could not stand to read anymore of this garbage. Shame on the author and shame on Global Fly Fisher for posting this crap.

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    what a fantastic resource for novice (and experienced) fly tyers, thanks a lot for all the effort you've clearly invested in planning, shooting, editing and publishing these videos. kind regards from the Netherlands, Onno

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    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing one of my videos.
    I am very glad you liked it (cdc and partridge caddis, by oholis flies).
    Best regards


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    These were shot with a DSLR, my Nikon D300s mounted with an old 55mm macro. I have experimented with both my phone, a compact camera and my SLR's, but since I want the best possible image quality, the SLR's are my favorites to used with the gadget. But as you can see in the review of the previous version, even phone pictures can come out nice.


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    Thank you for the review. What camera / phone did you use for the two flies shown above?

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    There is a huge hole in the ground behind the Salmon River Fish Hatchery in Altmar. After salmon are stripped of spawn and dispatched they are thrown in the hole and buried. The salmon carcasses cannot be transported because they are classified as toxic waste. Have fun, but don't take them home to eat.

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    Beach casters use a small cloth bag with a draw string as a weight. Fill it with sand. Use 2 to 6 lb test tippet to attach it to leader. When it reaches depth, a sharp strip can break it off. This is not cast, just feed it over off the boat. I use a coated lead core 30 ft head, heavy flies, and a non-stretch running line. The bags are cheap,sand is free, and it is non-polluting.