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    Off the cuff I googled "Tenkara Pan Fish" because I thought it might be fun to do that in the very body of water in which you recorded this. In fact, I was walking the trail around the reservoir and saw you out there a month or so ago. At the time I thought you were using a traditional fly rod. Thanks for the vid.

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    Thanks for a great article! How did you create the lengthwise groove on the frame?

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    Something is missing in the description of materials and components of fly

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    Whether or not this is a Chili Pepper can be up for debate, but as this old article indicates, there are already several flies, which have that name.

    One more might muddle the picture a bit, but not make the confusion significantly worse. That's the story of flies: so many have been tied identical and given different names, and so many bear the same name, but are yet very different.


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    This isn't a chili pepper, Moana's fly is essentially a gotcha tied with green thread, a gold body and orange wing. This fly is more like an apricot charlie variant or a ring burner variant.

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    You are so right! I didn't think of that at all:


    (of hair or fur) having dark and white hairs mixed. "grizzle-haired"

    a mixture of dark and white hairs.



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    And grizzle refers to someone with a mixture of dark and white hair. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful article.

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    Sad to read what you have been through. Thanks for the update and take care Martin.

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    You can use a variety of foam types, as long as they are closed cell and will float. I have used inexpensive craft foam, which is widely available and inexpensive.

    Rainy's Flies has a ton of different special foam products for fly tyers, also sheets:

    They also have a ton of pre-shaped foam products, which might be useful:

    You can glue the foam with good, old fashioned contact cement - also cheap and easy to find. Thin layers on both surfaces, let dry, press together is the method. Super glue can also be used.

    For the wasp bodies you make a stack of yellow and black from about 1mm foam, let it dry and then punch out cylinders with a small metal tube, maybe filed to have a sharp cutting edge in one end. Simply punch the tube through the foam with a hammer over a wooden board.

    You can also opt for finished bodies like these:


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    Can you please let me know what size foam and where you got it from? also, what type of glue are you using to hold the foam together please.

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    I love this type of flies, specifically this pattern I did not know, so it will surely be part of my fishing box next season. Thank you very much for sharing. A hug from Patagonia Argentina

    Me encantan este tipo de moscas, específicamente este patrón no lo conocía, así que seguramente será parte de mí caja de pesca en la próxima temporada. Muchas gracias por compartir. Un abrazo desde la Patagonia Argentina

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    Hi Martin
    Sorry to hear about you having Covid19 but I'm glad that you are on the road to recovery. My daily fix of GGF is always such a mix of recent and archived articles that I don't think I really noticed a reduction in new articles lately. Anyways, thanks as always for your wonderful work and all the best for a full and speedy recovery.