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    Great article! Thank you!

    When developing leaders for my custom leader company, I’ve found that Maxima Chameleon offers the stiffest nylon. This I generally use for the first two butt sections. We switch to Maxima clear for the middle taper sections. For the final taper and tipett, we’ll use a supple material.

    The above allows for great casting and line layout, depending upon the application. The diameter of the the line used can be changed as needed, also depending upon the user’s requirements for casting delicacy.

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    One good reason not to use indicator is that... it can be forbidden!

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    I am a fan of Maxima and have used it to make leaders for many years but would like to add a word of caution. I use a micrometer to check diameter of every spool of material I buy and over many years, Maxima's diameters has been very inconsistent (diameter understated between .002 and .003 in heavier lb. test). Might not sound like a lot but unless you check, you're leader will be far heavier than you thought.

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    It's quite true that the synthetics we use as fly tyers and fishermen will most likely add to the vast amount of plastic and other synthetics that litter the world - including micro plastics. I'm not quite on the wagon with tying using natural materials only, but I certainly do think about the nasty footprints we set on this planet - and anglers and as consumers.

    In fishing as well as in all other matters I try to recycle, make sure I treat waste properly and limit my use of plastics, but it's still very tempting to add some color and flash to a fly using some of the many materials shown here.


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    Great article and there’s certainly a wide choice of inexpensive materials available today however are these same materials adding to the micro plastics problem that does pose a very real threat to fisheries and the environment?

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    Ive used different size nail heads to do this job. I set the nails into a wooden handle and ended up with a set of four in sizes I use the most.
    But I will try the dowel trick to see if I prefer it.
    thanks Bob

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    Thank you Michael!!!... for this demonstration of ingenuity, knowledge of material propertys and wisdom. Simple and definitely Effective!

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    Sure I do promote older material now and then, but there's also new material coming out. Not as much as I'd like, but certainly some.

    Published until now in January:

    Published in December 2020:

    You can see an overview over all publishing activity here:

    I'm constantly trying to add new reviews, articles, patterns, galleries, videos and such, but I'm a one man show and depend on others to contribute if I am to increase the frequency of new articles.


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    Hi - I love the site and I am concerned about the future of it. All of my favorite posts are several to many years old. Is this site going to continue bringing wonderful articles, fly recipes, photos, and other information? I hope it will - I only recently found it and I don't want to lose it.

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    Very nice and eficient fly
    Thank you for your video

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    Hi , this might be a long shot but I’m looking to get in touch with a mr Ian Warrilow who made a comment on this post please.
    I bought a used 2 piece fly rod with his name and date the rod was built on it in 92 . It’s a beautiful rod that he built but would like some more information on the rod .

    Many thanks

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    Dear Steve, ... please enlighten me, which of the original components of Green Higlander, which in 2014 celebrated 100 years since its public appearance in Dr. Pryce Tannatt's book, ”How to Dress Salmon Flies” (1914), -Did you keep it very close to the original, so that what you present to us here can be entitled to bear this name of honor? If you ask me, none, ... and what I see is a variation on the green theme, which to prevent it from getting lost in the grass on the river bank, has a little orange and a yellow hackel. Please, below, on the GFF home page, you have the pictures of a Green Higlander that respects the proportions and components of the original. After comparing what you presented with what you see in those pictures, please come back and give me an answer.