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    It's a great addition to the tool. Thanks for helping.


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    Thanks for the recommendation - and sorry for the late reply. Sound like an interesting book, and I'll see if I can track it down somewhere. That might not be easy. It's listed on Amazon - in Japan! And a search on the title leads to your comment here ...


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    Thank you all for your kind words. It was a labor of love and hopefully, will plant the seed in young Ian for a lifetime of fly fishing.

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    First, I fish small rivers and creeks around my place chasing brook trout. 3 wt 7’ G Scott for dry fly. Smooth and «agreable», it is a moment of serenity lol. But, for efficacy, 3wt 10’6´´ Vesper…a real charming euro rod.
    Second, for Steelhead, sea trout, sea bass, big northern brookies, lake trout, 7 wt 9’6’’ Drifter II is my weapon now. This rod had put on the side my old Orvis HLS 6wt 8’6´´and also my Sage One 7wt 9’.

    Third and most important for me, my Atlantic Salmon Rod. Boy I have tried many…but I am sticking on a 9wt 9’6’’ Scott custom build in 2018.

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    What a great tribute to memories on the water from GrandFather to Grandson. This rod was is incredibly beautiful not only in the fit and finish JB has facilitated but also in having a soul that can be carried on for generations to come. You are a very talented and paid attention to every detail JB, the thought and consideration you put into the rod building process is simply phenomenal.

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    Just WOW! Great story, that is an inspiration for me. Congrats to Jim Burchette for the artistic work!

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    I am the grandfather in this story. An old friend gave me this rod to give to my grandson Ian just to introduce him to fly fishing. I took it to my friend Jim Burchette to more or less give me some information about the rod and reel BUT Jim is a perfectionist and now you see what my grandson has. It’s beautiful and I’m sure it will be well used! Thanks to Jim Burchette

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    You did a fantastic job Martin. Thanks for adding this section on LeaderCalc. Bravo!

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    Dear Martin,

    I was looking around on your fantastic website and ran into the section where you ask for input of any usefull kind.
    May be i have something that fits into your website.
    It happens to be that i wrote a small book last year during Corona about some soil-, water- and wave mechanics that happens along the beach.
    The book is called "Beach Science: about sand, water and waves" and it is available in English, German, Dutch and French.
    I think the book will be an interesting piece of information for flyfishermen that are fishing from beaches as well along the see as along rivers and lakes. The content is also interesting for kids who can perform some simple tests with water and sand to investigate the behaviour of water and sand.
    The book is low priced and can be ordered via my website at
    Should you be willing to put it on your website, please feel free to reproduce some of the contents on your website.
    If necessary i can send you the files of pictures etcetera.

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Best wishes

    Bart van der Schrieck

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    We had an Australian Shepard of the same habit named Pumpkin. Like most Aussies she had tri-color fur with the predominant color an orangish tan, so of course she was named Pumpkin. While she would roll in anything smelly, her preference was for bear or moose dung. When we all got out of the car at our fishing spot on the Kennebec near the outlet from Moosehead Lake, Pumpkin lifted her nose, gave a shudder of delight and suddenly dashed out of sight. This was out of character since she always stayed close to us. Worried she might have found a bear, we went looking for her. We found her alright, rolling delightedly in an enormous pile of moose droppings. Before we could drive home later, we had to spend well over an hour washing her with in a lake. Thirty years later, I’m still tying nymphs with Pumpkin Dub.

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    I read this article and had to go home and make my own. These was brilliant and really took my fly tying station to the next level for only 18$.

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    Peter do you flatten the bottom of this flyand also do you use epoxy or Uv to cover everything. Last question ,have you tied them on tubes.