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    Thank you for the nice words!

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    Dear Martin, I do not want you to feel offended by what I have to say in response to your intervention.

    Just because Black&Gold as a name does not exist in your collection of books, it does not mean that the fly with this name does not exist. In 1999, towards the end of the year, through November or December, I was filling my fly boxes and discussing on telephon with a number of felows fly fishermens about new or old models for salmon and sea trout. From Norway I received then the description of the simply Black&Gold fly pathern (described simply... gold body and oval gold ribbing, black wing and black hackle) from an old man (around 85 yers then), which is said to be an excellent pathern for evening and night fishing in sizes from 7-15cm wings tubes flies for salmon, to simple/duble hooks of # 2-10 for sea runs, in the Sognefjorden area. The man was using the fly from around 1970s, and both him self and his locals fishing friends was fishing with this Black&Gold. Now because I do not have the pretention that I know evrithing about salmon flies, but I have been fishing, reading and tieing flies for salmon and sea trout for more then 30 years, I have met many local fishermen both in Norway, Finland and Sweden. How many simple flies did I see that not have fancy names from the books???, ... I dont know, but probably thousands. Among them there were somethime different variants of this Black & Gold which, because of the simplicity of construction and the „combination of colors”, was not something to write a book about. Not all fishermen consider that they have invented a new fly just becouse they fish and catch salmons with it. I'm sorry but that's the truth. Simply flies patherns have many, many names ... or not. And belive me that my forst reaction was genuin with now intention to offend someone.

    PS – Black&Gold have a syster fly Black&Silver becouse it is just a silver body and black wing with black hackel, ...just for the record. :) I do not know if you have heard the expression in response to the question of what fly to use on a certain salmon river "Whatever you want only if it's black". I will tie some examples of what gave me many salmons and sea trouts for many years in several Scandinavian rivers and I have them under the name Black & Gold. You will receive them as a gift by mail.

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    I will try to reply for Martyn. I can see that the hook is fairly large for the size of the fly, and my guess is that size 8-10 will work fine. The Kamasan hooks are thin wire (B170) and heavy wire (B175), and can be hard to find in smaller sizes than 10.


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    I will admit that this fly isn't exactly something new and unseen, but to claim that a fly is similar - or at least hint that it's not original - because it uses a common color scheme or known shape - might be going too far. There are many hair winged Danish sea trout and salmon flies with tones of black and gold, but none named "Black & Gold" as far as I know.

    I have personally never heard of the "Black & Gold" anywhere in Scandinavia... or elsewhere for that matter. I can find many patterns named "Black & ..." (Silver, Blue, Orange, Teal and many more), but no Black & Gold in my many books or online.

    Do you know who originated the "Black & Gold" or which country it comes from?


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    Hello, with what size number of hooks can this pattern be tied?

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    In Scandinavia, at least for decades, we call this pattern ... not special ... but just simple ”Black & Gold”

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    Brilliant Barry, you make it look easy!!!

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    I see no reason why it shouldn't. It's a great allround fly, which is definitely worth trying on almost any river.


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    how would the usual fly work on the Mettawee river,thanks Don

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    Great series of videos! Would really appreciate your showing the face of the Golden Pheasant body feather. (There are many different types.) I might suggest, too, that you put a written material summary list in the main caption for the videos. Thanks!

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    Subscriber..... Your thread work is outstanding.

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    FYI Overtons Wonder wax is now available. I saw it at the Edison Show this year (2020)Hold on to your wallets the price tag is steep $16.99 a tube. Same color tube. Not making any promises but this is a promising thing.No I did not take the plunge. But I was wondering if there is any feedback on it now that a replacement is available. Thans