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    Katrine, Eric and Noe,

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed my little piece. I hope my writing will enable you as well as others to look at fishing in a perspective, which isn't just trophy hunting and pursuing the next and bigger fish or longer cast, but also remember to stop and enjoy life, nature, company, sights and smells. I have certainly learned to do so - the hard way, but still.

    and Noe, regarding a cure for my disease, I surely live in the hope, but have long ago learned not to live my life expecting to be cured. It might happen, but then again it might not. I prepare for the worst and hope for the best - but remember to live while doing it.


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    Dear Martin:

    I am a new fly fisherman (if I can say that, as I am by no means good at it...). After my wife's Dad died several years ago, I inherited some conventional fishing gear and my wife (who fished with her Dad as a little girl) started teaching me what she had learnt. Two years ago I took a fly casting lesson and was hooked. Now I fly fish exclusively (and just recently started tying my own flies) and have found the poetic allure of the art of fly fishing.

    I am also a Lab Animal Medicine Veterinarian specialized in research animal health and welfare and every day I read about exciting research looking into the disease mechanisms of many ailments that affect people (and pets). Obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer...and I am hopeful that some day patients around the world will have a cure for so many devastating diseases including MS.

    I sympathize with you and hope that these cures will be available to all sooner rather than later so everyone can fish, run, play their favorite instrument, see their daughters get married...

    With admiration and much hope for you and all those who step up to the challenges that life brings and live to the fullest extent.


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    Martin - I have been lurking on this site for quite a while and it is my first post. I want to thank you for this beautiful odd to "being out there". I see way too many fishermen complaining about the quality of the fishing or the size of the prize. I just came back from 2 weeks in the northwest US and been catching an releasing 6 to 10" rainbows as the steelheads were not really cooperating due to low water levels and extreme heat. I am a saltwater fly fisher on the Texas and Louisiana coast used to larger fish. What an exhilarating experience just to be on the water and enjoying the moment. I can not recall a better fishing trip with family around ... thanks to reminding us that it is not all about fishing but "connecting" with everything and everyone around us. As Katrine said, touched .....

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    I also make them with 6/0 tying thread for dry fly fishing. I use a micro ring at the end and an integrated loop at the butt. Mostly olive, sometimes with brown for more "camo",haha. With a long tippet the trout don't seem to mind. These leaders turn over beautifully and float all day when treated with Mucillin. And zero memory.

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    We don't sell anything. But try contacting Daniel who made the video. He's found on


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    Do you sell the pre tied pink shrimp?

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    I was very touched by this blog post. I know that you inspire thousands and thousands of people with your site and your knowledgable, but also personal writings on all things fly fishing. I so admire the way you accept your physical limitations but still make the most of what is possible. And don't we all have days where something we actually love to do is just too much effort? I know I do. I love reading your thoughts, so thank you for sharing.

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    unfortunately I have no idea. Most of those who deliver tying thread are for some reason very keen on keeping these facts to themselves. The few manufacturers who make thread are equally silent - probably under contract.

    So no, I don't know...


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    Do you know who makes Orvis' tying thread?

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    While it might feel like a reflex, it's just something you have learned and which - to to quote Yoda - unlearn you must.

    In stead of the knee jerk (or rather elbow jerk) reaction, start thinking when a fish strikes and control the immediate reaction, saying to yourself: take it easy, wait for it... wait for it... now!

    And let the strike be more subtle. My best strikes are - as I write - almost no-strikes, where I let the fish do most of the hooking, just making sure that I have good contact with the fly, and don't lift the rod before the fish is actually hooked.


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    Striking feels more like a instinctive reaction than something you can delay.
    I wonder how you did learn to pause slightly?

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    Just found your site and watched your "Trout in Colors" video and I must say, it was beautiful! I just wish it could have been longer. I could have watched that for an hour! It shows what non fisherman don't understand about fly fishing, it's really not about just catching fish. It's the swishing of the line in the air, the gulping rises of the fish, the wonderful sounds of nature and of course, the spectacular colors! The one image that stands out was the absolutely perfect mirror image of the trees on the far side of the lake. SPECTACULAR!
    Thank you for sharing that.