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    Thanks. I used this video many times with new tyer.

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    Don’t worry, Google won’t loose anything cause you stop counting. If this free time give birth to + 1 publication per year or more time with Brigitte and/or fishing, well we all gain here. Obviously , more time for you and your love is first. Take care Martin.

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    Nice one, Nick.

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    I got an email from Trevor, with this information:
    I have been out of action for a while now because of ill health but am pleased to say that I have a stock of my Javelin fly lines available.
    I now live in Ireland and my current email is :
    My phone/WhatsApp number is +353 873492524.


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    The sample cards and silk spools are typically available in shops catering to tyers who tie classical salmon flies, and I have seen (and bought) silk from dealers here in Denmark. Simply searching for Japanese silk floss gives a lot of possible sources for original Japanese silk.

    Regarding places in Japan, I'm not able to help you right off the bat. Finding locations there will probably require some research. I have a few Japanese fly tyers in my network, and I can try asking around, but my guess is that doing some online research might unearth some tips. Silk is typically connected with kimonos in Japan and combining silk, floss and kimono may give something.

    I tried: and and these searches did give some pointers that could be useful.

    I'll see if I can find more.


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    I am visiting multiple cities in Japan next month. I am looking for the source that the author used to buy their silk and sample card and am wondering if there is a retail source I can visit during my trip. Thank you so much for your time.

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    Your findings match my own experiences with almost any spooled material: tinsel, wire, monofilament ... you name it. We can't use terms like small, medium, large, wide, narrow, thin, thick for anything! We need absolute measurements in fractions of an inch or millimeter (preferably both), so that there can be no doubt and things can be compared.

    And don't get me started on hooks where the problem is the same. I have worked on an article on hook sizes, which is just as confusing with numbered sizes that vary wildly from company to company and are totally crazy even from the same manufacturer.

    It's 2024 and you'd think that the industry would be as interested as us consumers in updating these measures and units, of which most were invented up towards two centuries ago.

    But that doesn't seem to be the case. We're stuck with 1/0, 5 weight, medium and all kinds of odd and almost useless units.

    My thread table is a feeble try to get a little order into that part of our world. I'm glad it's helpful.


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    Thank you Martin, This is really helpful! Compiling it and updating it must take a lot of work, Thank you so much.
    I recently entered a fly tying competition run by a print and digital magazine I subscripe to. The first fly is tied on a size 12 hook, the second on a size 10 hook. What I find confusing in the materials list is 'Fine Silver Wire'. I checked my stock from 3 different manufacturers, Measured by vernier calliper my discovery is as follows:
    Veniards:Fine: 0.125mm (No. 27) ( actual 0.12mm), Medium: 0.155mm (No. 26), Large/Wide: 0.185mm (No. 25).
    Uni-Soft: Small 0.15mm (No. 33) Between medium and large?, UTC Wire:X-Small: 0.1mm, Small: 0.16mm, Brassie: 0.22mm
    Medium: 0.32mm.
    Fly-Box: Micro/Small 0.10mm, Medium 0.20mm.
    Again not much consistency across the sizes, so I guess we need to purchase from different suppliers so we can match diameters to the fly we are tying. This doesn't help us elderly folk dependant on our retirement pension!
    Across my stock Small varies from 0.15mm, 0.16mm, 0.10mm.
    Meduim varies from 0.155mm, 0.32mm, 0.20mm.
    Thank you Martin for excellent work as always.
    Best regards
    Peter Jackson

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    Hey Nick,
    Thanks for the heads-up on that fly tying video by Piscator. I had not seen it before at:

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    Hi Rory,
    Glad you liked the worm.I looked up Ridj-bak flies and found a You Tube video on a Steelhead pattern that looked good. I've used chain along the back of a curved hook to tie shrimps with a dubbing loop wound between the beads and then a shell back pulled over.
    Cheers, Nick

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    Hey Nick,
    Great fly pattern and good use of bead-chain.
    Back in the '80s, when looking to add some bling and weight to some fly patterns for winter-run steelhead on Vancouver Island, I used bead-chain as a ridged back on the fly body. It worked great. These patterns are now called Ridj-bak flies. The bead-chain can be attached by overwinding it with wire or coloured floss and could even have a saddle hackle wound over between the beads. Looks great and fishes well. Can't attach a photo here but will send it to you via private e-mail if you wish.

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    Thanks for the nice words about the site!

    I'm sure you will not regret your purchase. It's a very interesting book, and one I hope you will like. Supporting books like this is important if we want to continue seeing them published.