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    i was just wondering if there are any videos or step by step instructions on how to tie the Lagathu's shrimp fly ? I found lots of pics on the global fly fisher site just cant seem to find a how to make section any help on this would be very helpful thank you

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    Congratulations Tom, when I saw the drawings, the metal and wood parts and the design I thought of a project in style Leonardo da Vinci, magnificent.

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    Thanks, Martin
    I’ll keep trying. Really nice looking fly.

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    In order for things to furl, they really need to be twisted a lot.

    In technique shown, you need some long fibered dubbing and you need to twist it into a dense yarn before it furls. Grab each end of a bit of the dubbing and pull it out to about a couple of centimeters or shy of 1 inch in length.

    Twist one end between thumb and index finger while holding it tight in the other end. Counting turns isn't easy, but 10-20 turns is probably a good goal. This should result in an almost smooth, spiraled yarn, that furls willingly around itself when you double it. It's important not to let go of either end at any time during and after the process. It will be locked when you tie it in.

    Maybe practice with a little piece of real yarn to master the technique - or simply use yarn and brush it a bit afterwards.


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    I cannot spin the dubbing enough to get it to furl on itself. It looks like a loop off the back of the hook. Do you have any tricks or suggestions to spin it more?
    Thanks. Really like the look of the Twisto Caddis.....or at least YOUR Twisto Caddis!

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    do me a favor, keep writing wonderfully!
    Jose Elias

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    Fished when warm, stinks like heck from sewage. There is trash everywhere. I caught a ten pound teddy bear. Couldn't pay me to go back there.

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    First, thanks for your efforts, secondly, as a sufferer of peripheral neuropathy, I can almost feel the frustrations I imagine are yours, although I only have leg weakness at the moment, with a little problem with fine manipulation starting. As I have, for a time, felt an urge to learn to fly fish, your site has been my bible, so great thanks to you and all contributors. Please accept my thanks and admiration for what you are doing, and when I become frustrated, I can now think of what you are accomplishing, and collect myself and carry on! My fly tying is still at the "bin" stage, but slowly improving, while casting is stuck at a non-haul" level! Thanks again.

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    Yesterday I saw the video of the river Mur and what so called "Green Energie" can destroy -by the way not only waterpower stations and dams, but also windenergy... A very great, impressing film and it was fantastic to see and feel the passion of all the taimen-fishermen!! Thank you!!

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    Excellent article thanks,I tied up one on B175 size 6 black thread red wire rib orange goose biot cheeks whilst it did look kind of cool! It was ridiculously huge! Surely it can't work?? Fished it yesterday floating line 13ft leader to my utter amazement it took 8 rainbows and I missed a few the takes were savage - thanks another pattern in my arsenal. I came home and tied 14 more giant buzzers

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    Congratulations on the new place - from what little I've seen of the area outside of Copenhagen, it is very beautiful. And, yes, thanks very much for being around to read - you're site has always had a lot of good content. I feel interest in fly fishing in general has been growing here in America, while (perhaps?) declining globally? Which is concerning. At any rate, there are many more sites now than there ever were before, and yet I still coming back to this one...

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    That sounds like a pretty good improvement of the pattern. I like simple patterns, but your changes will definitely make the fly more mouse-like. I'd love to see a picture.