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  • Reply to: Dron’s Little Mice Gugger   8 months 1 week ago

    i've been tying a similar pattern for the few years

    however instead of fur i use whatever large hackles i have and palmer those onto the hook

    for the tail i switched to silicone cord from some craft store

    here in middle america the pattern has taken a variety of panfish, bass, gar and even a few carp
    snapping turtles seem to like them in late summer and early autumn

    on the road trout seem fond of the mice in sizes 6 and 8

  • Reply to: Stacking Deer, Elk & Moose   8 months 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the tips. Hehe I'm thinking a good pun. Actually I do appreciate any strategies on ways to stack hair so I thank you.

  • Reply to: A New Look at the Grannom   9 months 1 day ago

    In the US at least, there are at least 4 species that are of importance to trout. They often appear on the same streams (Americanus,numerosus,appalachia and occidentalis) and most species can be found across the country. These are one of the first major caddis hatches of the year in some areas (most Grannom activity is from mid-April to mid-May). There can be overlap of species hatching and the colors and sizes vary between species (males are typically 1 to 2 sizes smaller than females). Body colors on adults range from green to greenish brown to brownish black or grey. Grannoms give you all day fishing. Starting with larva/pupas in the morning, emergers around 10 am, adults dry on the surface mid-morning til noon, soft hackles for drowned adults through the day, then a return in the late afternoon/early evening of the skittering, oviposting adults and then finally spent flies at dark. Just an FYI from across the pond ;)

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    The video and song were great. Liked it a lot.

  • Reply to: Skin & Foam Pupa   9 months 4 weeks ago

    Bodies look great and lots of options for variants. In case you don't have any of the original strips, Hareline now offers a product via US retailers called Kiley's Nymph Skins which seems identical to the original Virtual Nymph product. Or you can cut various industrial protective gloves into thin strips and use as substitutes for the commercial products. A US tier, Safet Nikocevic, has been demonstating how to do this for many years at the International Fly Tying Symposium in New Jersey.

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    Original, body hackle is a white and a brown hackle cut very short and black squirrel wing, but a few variants have been made and this is one of them with a short grizzly hackle over peacock herl and wing with Arctic fox.
    It has caught many seatrout in the 80s and 90s
    You can see variants in the book "Along the Karup River" (Langs Karup Å).

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    Any update here. Looking to fish anywhere I can. Will be bringing a 5 and 8wt.

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    excellent video on fly tying

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    I recall reading about someone casting bullets from hot melt gun (for shooting mice inside their home), on the cast boolits discussion board site. So you could probably cast round fishing weights as well. Which could then be placed on hooks to make salmon/trout egg 'flies'. At worst you might need to slice them open to slip the hook in and then glue them back together or heat the cut and press them back together, around the hook shaft.

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    Looks like something Ulf hagstrom or Chris Sandford would tie.

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    When I make furled leaders using mono I use very thin mono and usually end it in a loop. To this loop I attach a piece of mono and I then attach the tippet to that.

    It's true that the tip of the furled leader is fairly thick when using mono - when ending with four strands it's of course four times the thickness of the line you furl. So the trick is to keep it thin, but even with a 0.10 mm line you will still end up with a 0.40 mm tips as you also mention, and will need a further "step" down.

    I typically fish a 0.20 or 0.25 mm tippet in my fishing, so a piece of 0.30mm of about 30-50 cm will suffice to give a proper taper. I also use this piece as a "wear piece" that I can cut down when changing tippet, and exchange completely when it becomes too short.

    For thinner tippets - like for stream fishing - I use furled leaders made from tying thread, in which case the tip is much thinner, and this problem rarely occurs.

    I hope this helps


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    Hello, First let me say I love your website! It is a constant source of information for me.

    So, my question is about tapered furled leaders, more so with tip diameter. If I look at the table of butt section diameters, at the end of this article, I can get the butt sections in the appropriate diameter, for example ca. .55mm for 5 wt.
    But using the same material, my tip diameter is about .40mm which seems a bit much to tie on 0.14mm tippet.

    No matter what diameter mono I use the leader tip always seems too large for tippet. The only solution I found until now is to do a two part furled leader, where I first furl 4 strands and then marry the 4 strands furled mono to the actual furled leader via loop to loop. The taper comes out to 22-18-14-10-6-4, when using the formula from this site.

    Is the large jump in diameter ok, am I just being overpedantic? Should I tie tapers before tippet or is there any other trick to get a good taper from the tip of the furled leader to tippet?