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    This one would go on my cap. Too beautiful for a steelhead.

  • Reply to: That book thing, again...   10 months 2 weeks ago

    Dear Martin,
    Thanks for your positive comments. The book learns you much about waves , tsunami and what to (not) do when you end up in quick sand. All very important knowledge for flyfishers.

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    The fly caster is the source of ALL the energy, speed (and distance) of a fly cast. Fly rods do not provide accuracy or distance or energy to a cast. You can't buy a rod which will make you a competent fly caster - but competent instruction and practice can

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    What an inspiring build story! I have been thwarted by the "equipment wall" many times and it's refreshing to see other ways to achieve beautiful results!

    One thing that really struck me about this net was its elegant the hoop a single strip from a 3/4" thick trim piece? How thin, in the other dimension, does it need to be in order to bend w/ stovetop steam?

    thanks and, again, great build!

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    The new Sage X Switch line 6110-4, 7110-4, 8110-4 has revolutionized switch rod design. My pick for Salmon is the 8110-4. My standard King Salmon fly rod (fish between 20-35 lbs) is Sage X 896-4. The power of the X line, like Igniter allows you to fish way lighter rod weights and handle way bigger fish.

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    Looking for good fly fishing video for salt water

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    Personally, I would've put your Second as First.

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    Translation: beautiful drawings done well, they recall the drawings that the big names in fly fishing made, not being able to count on mobile phones, photos in general. so they relied on the pencil, charcoal to reproduce the flies, a nice return to the past, it should be rewarded and valued plus it is Italian and this is a plus point

    original: disegni bellissimi fatti bene ,ricordano i disegni che facevano i big della pesca mosca non potendo contare su telefonini,foto in generale. quindi si affidavano alla matita,carboncino per riprodurre le mosche ,un bel ritorno al passato,andrebbe premiato e valorizzato in più è italiano e questo è un punto in più

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    Thanks for re-posting Soren's video of him tying my father's fly. Check out @samsonebug on Instagram or additional videos on youtube. Thanks again. Wade Blevins

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    S11, Ep. 20 "Another Killing In Cork", Rod Taylor presents one to each of his guests for the next day's fishing.

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    It's a Tiemco TMC 518, also size 32, as you can see by clicking on the image to see a larger version.


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    Just wondering in the small and smaller photo what the other hook is in that photo?