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    I have quickly run through the videos, but have been unable to recognize the reel or even the brand.

    Maybe try contacting kanalgratisdotse on YouTube to see if they can help?


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    I have enjoyed watching Antti Guttorm Salmon fishing in several Fly TV videos. I wanted to know what fly reel on the two-handed rod he was using in one of Norway videos. It was an enclosed sided with round center drag wheel and pewter in color. From watching him land some salmon I noticed the reel seemed to be an ant-reverse drag system. I could not make out any the markings on the video. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and happy holidays.

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    Terrible. Music… a good video does NOT Need music.
    Terrible obnoxious left w/o watching..

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    Which software used for the plan of objects. Thank you for the answer. Good week

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    Thanks for sharing this! Next time I go bonefishing I am definitely tying some up.

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    Awesome Davie!!!

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    I believe you built a modular house for Dorothy Rieger at Bald Peak? We bought the house 2 years ago which had been expanded and renovated before we bought it.
    The Club is trying to get on the National Register with Castle in the Clouds. Any information about the house would be helpful! By any chance do you have any photos of what the house originally looked like or know anyone who might?
    We love the house.
    I am fascinated with fly fishing! Creating the flies is such an amazing art!
    Thank you

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    i've been tying a similar pattern for the few years

    however instead of fur i use whatever large hackles i have and palmer those onto the hook

    for the tail i switched to silicone cord from some craft store

    here in middle america the pattern has taken a variety of panfish, bass, gar and even a few carp
    snapping turtles seem to like them in late summer and early autumn

    on the road trout seem fond of the mice in sizes 6 and 8

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    Thanks for the tips. Hehe I'm thinking a good pun. Actually I do appreciate any strategies on ways to stack hair so I thank you.

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    In the US at least, there are at least 4 species that are of importance to trout. They often appear on the same streams (Americanus,numerosus,appalachia and occidentalis) and most species can be found across the country. These are one of the first major caddis hatches of the year in some areas (most Grannom activity is from mid-April to mid-May). There can be overlap of species hatching and the colors and sizes vary between species (males are typically 1 to 2 sizes smaller than females). Body colors on adults range from green to greenish brown to brownish black or grey. Grannoms give you all day fishing. Starting with larva/pupas in the morning, emergers around 10 am, adults dry on the surface mid-morning til noon, soft hackles for drowned adults through the day, then a return in the late afternoon/early evening of the skittering, oviposting adults and then finally spent flies at dark. Just an FYI from across the pond ;)

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    The video and song were great. Liked it a lot.

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    Bodies look great and lots of options for variants. In case you don't have any of the original strips, Hareline now offers a product via US retailers called Kiley's Nymph Skins which seems identical to the original Virtual Nymph product. Or you can cut various industrial protective gloves into thin strips and use as substitutes for the commercial products. A US tier, Safet Nikocevic, has been demonstating how to do this for many years at the International Fly Tying Symposium in New Jersey.