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    Great looking net! Thanks for the 'How To'.

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    Merrimack River Flies is a local fly shop that carries flat wing sand eels that work great. There are always sand eels in the Merrimack and everyone should have some imitations in their fly box.

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    I first scored the wood with a chisel and then used a wood file of the appropriate size. I finished it (for cosmetic reasons) with sanding paper wrapped around a small piece of wood.

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    Off the cuff I googled "Tenkara Pan Fish" because I thought it might be fun to do that in the very body of water in which you recorded this. In fact, I was walking the trail around the reservoir and saw you out there a month or so ago. At the time I thought you were using a traditional fly rod. Thanks for the vid.

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    Thanks for a great article! How did you create the lengthwise groove on the frame?

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    Something is missing in the description of materials and components of fly

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    Whether or not this is a Chili Pepper can be up for debate, but as this old article indicates, there are already several flies, which have that name.

    One more might muddle the picture a bit, but not make the confusion significantly worse. That's the story of flies: so many have been tied identical and given different names, and so many bear the same name, but are yet very different.


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    This isn't a chili pepper, Moana's fly is essentially a gotcha tied with green thread, a gold body and orange wing. This fly is more like an apricot charlie variant or a ring burner variant.

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    You are so right! I didn't think of that at all:


    (of hair or fur) having dark and white hairs mixed. "grizzle-haired"

    a mixture of dark and white hairs.



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    And grizzle refers to someone with a mixture of dark and white hair. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful article.

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    Sad to read what you have been through. Thanks for the update and take care Martin.

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    You can use a variety of foam types, as long as they are closed cell and will float. I have used inexpensive craft foam, which is widely available and inexpensive.

    Rainy's Flies has a ton of different special foam products for fly tyers, also sheets:

    They also have a ton of pre-shaped foam products, which might be useful:

    You can glue the foam with good, old fashioned contact cement - also cheap and easy to find. Thin layers on both surfaces, let dry, press together is the method. Super glue can also be used.

    For the wasp bodies you make a stack of yellow and black from about 1mm foam, let it dry and then punch out cylinders with a small metal tube, maybe filed to have a sharp cutting edge in one end. Simply punch the tube through the foam with a hammer over a wooden board.

    You can also opt for finished bodies like these: