Published Dec 4. 2009 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Nov 13. 2019

Global FlyFisher Videos

OK, we know... it's not totally original, but since every other site out there seems to have a video page, we decided to have one too.

5,000 videos!

In December 2013 the video section crossed the 5,000 video mark, and I wrote an article to celebrate it and added a couple of graphs to show some details about these many videos and the 18 million times they were viewed.
This number has of course been surpassed now, and is much higher as seen below.

OK, I know... it's not totally original, but since every other site out there seems to have a video page, I decided to have one too. After all, our user's image gallery has been a huge success, so why not a video gallery?

So, what I essentially do is gather the best fishing videos from all the different sources on the web. I don't host them, I just embed them and link to them, so this is really kind of an index. But that can be OK too, can't it?

It's also a desperate measure to get some content to the site. I've been all too busy this year with tonnes other things than publishing on GFF... but that's a whole other story.

For now I invite you to add fishing videos to this new part of the site. I'll review them as we do with all user submitted contributions. It filters out the worst spam.

You can read more about the video service in this article, something about videos in "The new breed" and see the content tagged with "video" here.

Notice on ownership and copyright:

Almost all the videos that are featured on this site are not produced by the Global FlyFisher or its staff. I embed other people's videos from external sources like Vimeo and YouTube. The videos are produced and owned by others and all I do is collect them and display them.
I do not claim ownership in anyway and all rights belong to the originators, to whom we are grateful for allowing me to display their work.
If you have produced interesting fly-tying or fly-fishing videos that I haven't picked up, feel free to submit them. If I on the other hand host some of your videos against your will, simply let me know, and I will take them down immediately. If you are a video provider who doesn't want your work shared through channels like this, simply turn off embedding and/or sharing in the configuration of your video. Then people are technically kept from using them, and I do of course respect that decision.

To all other video originators: we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for producing such great stuff and sharing it with the rest of us.

To all other video originators: we thank you from the bottom of our hearts

So please feel free to browse our videos, suggest new and comment on those already entered.

If you have questions or comments, please write me.



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Mike, There's mor...


There's more than 6,500 videos on our video channel and claiming "that half of these videos are really commercials in disguise" is a pretty bold statement.

Sure some are commercials. These videos are brought to you for free, and some of the producers need more than intellectual satisfaction to motivate them. Doing commercials or having sponsors are ways this can work.

But in disguise...? I don't think so. Most of the commercial ones are pretty obvious endorsements, and don't try to hide the fact. On the contrary. That's the whole idea. And also: I screen every single video that comes online here, and I do not tolerate blatant commercials with no valuable content. I do accept some advertising if the video is good, but the channel is not a poster board for ads.

So if you find this almost endless stream of free content too commercial for your taste, simply don't watch it.


Why does it seem tha...

Why does it seem that half of these videos are really commercials in disguise?

To N: I have never p...

To N: I have never posted a video either, but Panasonic, JVC, Sony all make affordable video cameras that would likely suffice for what you want to do. To chose, you would have to answer if you want to save/store your video internally on a hard drive (Panasonic) or on a memory card (Sony, JVC, Panasonic). You can get a good camera from any of these three companies for around $300.00 USD, at least I did (Panasonic).

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Gary, There shoul...


There should be absolutely no problems in showing the videos in a fly tying club or guild as long as you don't charge money to do it - like a cinema show. Screening online videos - and DVDs for that matter - to a select group of member under private circumstances breaks no laws. So you just go ahead. It's a great idea by the way and a very good way of introducing patterns and tying steps to people.


Evening Martin, My ...

Evening Martin,
My name is Gary and reside in Port Elizabeth South Africa. Have just started a fly tying Guild and am a keen follower of Davie's clips. My question is as follows. During our Guild meetings may we download,watch and then tie the applicable pattern? No funds of any sort are generated from such viewing but as Chairman of the Guild I do not which to infringe on any of Davie's copyrite material. Your advice on this will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hello i have been th...

Hello i have been thinking about making my own fly tying videos what kind of camer do you suggest {i dont want to spend a ton of money}

Hi, my name is Charl...

Hi, my name is Charles, and I would like some help in finding a fly-tyer from Japan who ties a floating Minnow, similar to the Iwai minnow but with a longer body, it is made from mylar in blue and also green and filled with poly ethylene. If someone has a link to Japanese fly-tyer or photos of floating minnows I would love to hear from you.


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Don, There was a ...


There was a small technical problem, and the video pages should now be updated as usual.
Thanks for noticing.


why is this Tying Vi...

why is this Tying Videos page not being updated?