Published Dec 15. 2015 - 3 years ago
Updated or edited Jun 23. 2017

Why you should register

Please notice that you can't sign up yourself.
Due to colossal numbers of spammers signing up compared to the legit users,
I decided to disable the automatic signup procedure.
You will now have to send me an email to be signed up.
I will then create your account and send you a mail with instructions.
Drop me a mail on
Sorry for the inconvenience. Curse the spammers.

Please notice that it DOES NOT require a login or a "subscription"
to view the content on this site!

Everything is open and freely accessible. Just click away.

We urge you to register as a user on the Global FlyFisher

We urge you to register as a user on the Global FlyFisher. Registrations gives you several advantages:
- Forms that require your name and email like the comment form will have those fields filled out automatically.
- Your comments will be public right away and not need an administrator approval.
- You will be able to add videos, pictures of your tying cave and user submitted images to the site.
- You will be allowed to participate in discussions in our forum.
- All your content and information will be gathered on one page under your user name.
- You will be able to easily subscribe to our newsletter.
- You will be ready to participate in future activities that might require registration.

If you are already registered, simply log in.
If you are registered, but forgot your password, go to the password renewal page and enter your email to get an email with further instructions.