Published Aug 22. 2019 - 4 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 23. 2019

Your fly today?

If you want your fly or flies featured in Today's Fly, it's absolutely possible

Today's Fly
Today's Fly
Martin Joergensen

People have asked me if they can have their fly or flies featured in Today's Fly, and sure they can! Your flies are as welcome as anybody's, and the only reason I started the series, was to have a place to display all the beautiful flies I have, which were tied by other tyers.
For me to feature the flies, there's one obstacle, and that's a physical one: I need your flies here! So you will have to pack them and send them to me in Denmark.
If you are willing to that, please contact me through email for more details, and we can make arrangements.

And can you send in other people's flies? Of course! If it's OK with them, and the flies are in your possession, feel free. You may have flies from skilled or famous tyers, which are worth exposing. Feel free to share!

I need your flies here!

And also notice...

  • I am looking for really well tied flies, flies that are worth exposing, so make sure you tie your best flies, and take extra care to make them perfect. This is an exhibition in fly tying, and is supposed to show others how well flies can be tied. So be sharp!
  • Make sure your flies get here unharmed, unsquashed and untangled. Pack them well, individually or at least in a container spacey enough to have the arrive in all their splendor. Some flies travel well in bags, some are better suited for small containers and some need to sit in a piece of Styrofoam, cork or such. Make sure your flies can travel safely.
  • Mark each fly with a pattern name or include a clearly written note with its name, your name and the details. If you want, please write down the recipe too and maybe a small story about the fly. People ask for that, and I'd love to add it to the fly. We can also make arrangements for you to send the text on a mail, and just mail the flies themselves physically. I'm not insisting on getting it on paper.
  • And one last thing: I will not return the flies! Unless they represent some kind of value – monetary or otherwise – the fly stays here. I will take good care of it. Of course you can get back that full dressed salmon fly that Poul Jorgensen gave you or the collection of original Dave Whitlock flies you send me. We'll make arrangements for them to return to you. But your own stay here, so that I won't be ruined by postage expenses and my office won't turn into a postal terminal. Let me know if there's a problem with that.

Simply drop me an email.

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