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    Well written. One more reason for tuning in here again. And for recommending GFF.

    I was born 1962. States used to control TV. Now I can have my own weekly show and many are watching from around the globe. Super cool. Websites made many magazines redundant. Mail order catalogues turned into mainstream shopping -mobile first. Analytics.

    But interesting stuff is often found in niche places. Nothing is new about this.
    If GFF is to cater for the big crowds it will have to adopt. Not being niche. Not being cool.

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    Mark, I assure you those rods were cheap production rods such as Montague and H&I and were intended as entry level rods or wall hangers, the black "ink" being in homage to the minor trend of "Japanning" as black laquering was called, primarily in the 50s. He wouldn't have done that to a high quality rod from a classic maker.

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    Just to correct the record. I recently discovered pictures of Bert Quimby in uniform from World War One and his letter to my Grandmother, Grace Miller Davis. They were cousins living in Whitefield New Hampshire in 1917. My twin brother, Bill Davis commented on 2018 that he believed we were related to Bert’s wife Jackie but the actual relationship is to Bert. I am looking for any information on Bert.

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    Give me a call Ted. Lots of work Ted and need to have this moving at this times of our life.

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    Very interesting article on a fly pattern I had forgotten about for many years. The origins of a fly pattern can be very convoluted because we all build on patterns that came before us. It could be a bigger version of an old euro style wet fly. I don't know if related to a western pattern known as the Stayner Ducktail, a popular minnow pattern in reservoirs or the popular Zoo Cougar, but there are many similarities that may have influenced tyers.

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    Learning and experience can solve a lot of difficulty.

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    ... is hands down the best guide for this region. He will take you places other guides don't even know exist. He is your man, 100%!

  • Reply to: The History Of Fishing Rods With Jack Hargreaves (1970s)   7 months 2 days ago

    Jack's story telling is great. And the history of excellent rod building is certainly interesting.

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    Thanks to much for the donation! I wanted to send a thank you mail when I got the notification from PayPal, but my mail is still acting up, so you get a heartfelt thank you here.


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    Martin, I’m glad that GFF is back up and running again. The temporary loss of the site due to the ransomware attack reminded me that I hadn’t donated in awhile so when I was able to open it today I sent a PayPal contribution. Love your site and am happy to support it.

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    As it is right now, things seem to be running and most problems have been solved, even though a few glitches still need some attention.
    So for the readers and users, it's just a question of returning to the site and start using it.
    And my request for content contributions is of course the same.

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    What can we do to help.