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    You might consider a mail to Coch-y-Bonddu, which carries a lot of used books and might get a used copy of this one now and then.


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    Does anyone know where to get this book now a days, all I get is "out of print" answers.

    any help appreciated.


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    Hey Joe.I live here in NY.I am minutes from the Catt,So I fish this trib often.The pressure here is getting as such that it has become elbo to elbo combat fishing.My post is this.The picture is a great post.But the fact that you and others have to name these wonderful places and adding the fact that you have a picture of where to go,,,Well I think maybe you should rethink what you are doing to our waters.TIght Lines,Happy trails to you and to yours.

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    "I broke my Aquafly flybox yesterday!"

    Shit happens when you dont buy C&F boxes ;-)

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    again woderful photo and moment...from me 6 points

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    composition little fall to left, but atmosphere and colors are fantastic...from me 6 points...great

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    The pictures indicate tubes of ABS not PVC. Is this correct?

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    It's a brownie!!!!

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    The best boots ever were the old Danner's. I go out 35-40 times per year on freestone streams that include very rough steelheard water and have found a way to still get Danner's.
    Buy a pair of Danner hunting boots and have the sole ground down. Put felt on the sole, a good shop shop can do this for you, and you are set up. My current pair is going on six years. Cabela's has the Danner hunting boot.
    The boot is solidly made of cordura and leather and lasts and lasts. Because they are a hunting boot, they are great for all the hiking that occurs when getting from one steelhead to another.
    This is an expensive solution but they last.

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    Thanks Martin,

    I'm going to download it right now!

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    Yes, good one Martin. How many times did you say to yourself, "I should just wait a little bit longer for that sun to show"