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  • Reply to: Break a rod   17 years 1 month ago

    Comment on number 9. A better cast using a heavy fly or bead head fly is the Belgium cast, i.e., a sidearm back cast coming into an overhead forward cast. Imagine drawing a capital letter "D" in the air. You don't get great distance but it sure saves the rod damage!

  • Reply to: Bamboo part 6   17 years 1 month ago

    Does Mr. Boyd continue to use Shell Epon for gluing his rod strips? Anything new regarding the Versamid choices?
    Thank you.

  • Reply to: Angler in the mist   17 years 1 month ago

    I like the power illustrated by using B&W in general.The picture becomes more real! Want brand of film do you use and the ISO rate. Photography is a hobby of mine,but due to lack the lack of knowledge in taking b&w I use Velvia (slide) most of the time.
    They are all great pictures!

  • Reply to: Sunset casting   17 years 1 month ago

    very nice photo, really, great

  • Reply to: LeaderCalc2007   17 years 1 month ago

    Simply put. thank you. When I tookup the sport of flyfishing, I knew absolutely nothing about it, but knew I had to try it. Leaders and how to build an effective one were a complete mystery. Needless to say, your article gave me an understanding that no other source could have given me. The leader calc software has given me fool-proof leader formulas, whether I'm fishing for little brookies, river small-mouths or lake erie steelhead.

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    thank you Martin :-)

  • Reply to: Sue   2 years 9 months ago

    good ole' days

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    I tied up a few of these flys and it was non-stop action in the great Canadian North where I'm from. you wouldn't have any more patterns like these would you ?


  • Reply to: Pike in the Danish freshw...   17 years 1 month ago

    Even though it's an 'acquarium shot' - the composition could not be better than a Sports Afield cover painting, exposure is spot on, colours are great. Great shot of a great fish.

  • Reply to: Danish Seatrout in the wa...   17 years 1 month ago

    Definitely nailed it with this one - it's got detail, vibrant colour, clarity, nicely framed - and a nice trout! It would make a nice calendar shot!

  • Reply to: Lago Fonck brook trout.   17 years 1 month ago

    Could have been Global class - wonderful lighting, fish is beautiful, good composition, but the head particularly disappears into the blackness of the background and it makes hard to see.

  • Reply to: The longear sunfish is of...   17 years 1 month ago

    Could have been excellent - pity about the grass covering the fishes head! Done the same thing myself in the rush to get the picture taken...