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  • Reply to: Coho hunter   17 years 8 months ago

    uff..wonderfull photo!!!!!

  • Reply to: The cast   17 years 8 months ago

    super photo...gratulation, very nice, really...hallo from Bardejov Fly Fishing Team (Slovakia) not Slovenia, but Slovakia..:-)

  • Reply to: Pete's EZ Hopper   17 years 8 months ago

    Hello... Thanks for the directions and the recipe. I am new to flytieing. This is the first directions and recipe I have copied. I have a widowed aunt that has a hearing problem and she and I will be learning together. These written directions will be so helpful. Thanks again, from Charlie and aunt Betty.

  • Reply to: Bamboo part 5   17 years 8 months ago

    Thanks for taking the time to prepare this web site. A very enjoyable read. Do you know of anybody building planing forms in the uk?
    many thanks
    Richard Parkes

  • Reply to: How simple can it get?   17 years 8 months ago

    If you cant get your hands on a small panfish popper, you can buy thick foam from an arts and crafts store and simply bong them together with superglue to make your own array of colorful custom poppers

  • Reply to: The Triangle Fly   17 years 8 months ago

    I have found that this pattern works well for speckled trout and even small redfish

  • Reply to: Albright knot - backing to fly line   17 years 8 months ago

    So easy even I could tie it. Thankyou

  • Reply to: Digitizing Flies   17 years 8 months ago

    I love this website! I am a 13 yrold who loves fly tying and fly fishing and this is the best website i have ever found to suit my needs

  • Reply to: Bonefishing!   17 years 8 months ago

    I have always liked the Kaufmann books. I come in their store now and then. Good review!

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    May the force be with you!